//10 Observations from the 2010 Critics Choice Awards

10 Observations from the 2010 Critics Choice Awards

Time for one last post about the Critics Choice Awards. I’ve divided my observations in “yays” – things I approve of, “boos” – things I dislike, and “considers” – things to consider about the awards race going forward.

1) YAY – Michael Giacchino wins Best Score.

It wasn’t presented during the broadcast, but brilliant composer Michael Giacchino finally got some recognition and won the Best Original Score award. Giacchino composed two of the best scores this year, Up and Star Trek, and in my opinion the former is far and above the best score of the year. I hope this precursor gives him enough of a boost.

2) BOO – The Hangover wins Best Comedy.

I absolutely can not understand the heartfelt adoration that The Hangover is receiving. Take out Zach Galifianakis from that cast and it is no better than one of National Lampoon’s recent efforts. Even with Galifianakis, the film is only kind of funny and definitely undeserving of the praise it’s been receiving. I have a feeling this is a case of the groupthink mentality taking over and people supporting this film because it’s “hip.” Am I way off here?

3) CONSIDER – Carey Mulligan loses Best Actress.

In the past two years the leading actress who wins the Critics Choice Award does NOT go on to win the Oscar. Last year there was also a tie in this category between Meryl Streep for Doubt and Anne Hathaway for Rachel Getting Married. As you know, Kate Winslet went on to win it all. Therefore the fact that Carey Mulligan lost this award may actually help her chances.

4) YAY – Kathryn Bigelow becomes first female Best Director.

This wasn’t a surprise, but I’m so glad that it happened. Not only is it a great step forward for the major awards to start recognizing female talent, but Bigelow is definitely the most deserving auteur in the mix. I hope this award helps propel her to a big win at the Oscars.

5) BOO – Avatar sweeps tech categories.

I get it – Avatar was an amazing technical achievement that revolutionized cinema and so on and so forth. However, for it the film to take home awards like Best Editing, Cinematography, and Art Direction is a bit ridiculous. The best indicators for the Oscars will come from the guilds, and if Avatar wins the A.C.E., I might be convinced.

6) CONSIDER – Mo’Nique’s gracious acceptance speech.

Mo’Nique has taken a lot of flack recently for her apathy for the precursor awards that she has been racking up. She was a no-show at several Awards ceremonies and luncheons including the New York Film Critics luncheon. Many were beginning to count her out of the Oscar race because of her lack of attendance and her seemingly snooty attitude. However, at the Critics Choice Awards not only did she show up, but she was eloquent and graceful and gave one of the finest acceptance speeches of the night.

7) YAY – The tribute to John Hughes.

John Krasinski and Amy Poehler’s introduction to the John Hughes tribute video was exactly what the legendary filmmaker deserved. It wasn’t overly sentimental or sappy and it respected the man for who he was and what he did. We should be able to laugh during tributes, especially when it is for somebody who brought as much laughter to the world as Hughes did.

8) BOO – The writers for the ceremony.

Kristin Chenoweth did a sub-par job of hosting the ceremony, but most of the blame goes to the writers. Her comedic bits that came immediately after the commercial breaks were lame.

9) CONSIDER – Jeff Bridges gets huge Best Actor win.

In the past decade, every actor who was won the BFCA has gone on to win the Oscar except for one (Russell Crowe for A Beautiful Mind). This is a huge win for Jeff Bridges and may have allowed him to emerge as the Oscar Best Actor frontrunner at this point in the game.

10) YAY – The Hurt Locker wins Best Picture.

The race is far from over, but we definitely have a frontrunner at this point in the game and I couldn’t be more supportive. Well, I could if it were A Serious Man, but since that’s not going to happen I’m glad to see Bigelow’s fantastic drama get so much acclaim. However, the Critics Choice Awards were but a brief distraction. Things could completely change once again on Sunday with this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

What did you like and dislike about the Critics Choice Awards? Anything surprise you?

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