1,000 Greatest Films List Gets an Update

One solace that I have as a (wannabe) film critic is that I will never run out of great movies to see. My canon of viewed classics is much slimmer than it should be and there are several certified classic U.S. and Foreign films that I have yet to see. With the innumerable number of “Greatest Films of All-Time” lists, I’ll never run out of films.

One of the best lists is the 1,000 Greatest Films List from They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? The massive compilation features the opinions of critics, journalists, filmmakers, and film historians with a breakdown of how many different groups vote (i.e. male vs. female, young vs. old). The list also gets a new update every year, with a records kept of each film that’s been added and each film that has fallen off.

They have just completed their 2009 update and it’s a great read. The top five spots remain the same – Citizen Kane, Vertigo, The Rules of the Game, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and 8 1/2 in that order. However, the rest of the list remains much the same. Click here to check it out.

I counted up and I have seen 172 of the 1,000 films on the list and 7 of the 10 ten. How many have you seen?

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  • Brandon Cooley

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Vertigo? I’m also getting tired of seeing all of these lists with Kane being number one and half of the others being before 1960. Citizen Kane and some of those older movies are good, but nobody should compare newer movies made in the last decade to older ones from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. They should make a list of the best movies from 1968-2009.

  • Andr913

    Yeah, I’m tired of Citizen Kane domination.

    And I like Vertigo, but Psycho is better. 2001 is not as good as Clockwork Orange, and 8 1/2 is not as good as La Dolce Vita.

  • Neither “Vertigo” or “Psycho” is as good as “Rear Window”.

  • Billgy

    I’ve only seen 33 of those films. but many I have seen half of. Forrest Gump is the Best movie I’ve ever seen and should be number one, with On the Waterfront at number two.

  • Luis Felipe Raguá Miranda

    I didn’t love Vertigo, it was good but not that good.

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