//2011 IN REVIEW: Vinny’s Top Ten

2011 IN REVIEW: Vinny’s Top Ten

2011 in film can be described in many ways. It can be described as the year of the sequel (a record 28 sequels were released this year), the year of nostalgia (Midnight in Paris, The Artist, Hugo, The Muppets, Super 8) or even the year of Jessica Chastain (The Help, Take Shelter, Tree of Life, The Debt, Texas Killing Fields, Coriolanus). But I will remember 2011 as a bleak year for cinema, not as a comment on the quality on this year’s films but because most of the movies I liked are reflective of the anxiety of our times. The best movies this year were either those that grappled with the big existential questions that we’ve been asking in light of our collective uncertainty or those that probed deep into the psychology of its tragically flawed and morally ambiguous characters.

It was unexpectedly hard to make this list, but in any case, here are my top movies of 2011. I’m going to deviate a bit from Justin and Davin by not writing the reasons why I picked these films, so feel free to comment / ask me about my list and post your own lists in the comments section if you haven’t done so in other posts yet.

Honorable Mentions

  • Margin Call
  • Submarine
  • Hugo 
  • 50/50
  • Tabloid
  • A Separation
  • Moneyball
  • Senna
  • Attack the Block

Vinny’s Top Ten Movies of 2011

10. beginners

9. martha marcy may marlene

8. meek’s cutoff

7. pina

6. win win

5. the skin i live in

4. midnight in paris

3. the ides of march

2. a dangerous method

1. drive

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