2011 Previews: ‘Your Highness’ and ‘The Green Lantern’

Two of the most hotly anticipated 2011 releases have gotten full-length trailers released today giving us a nice preview of what the blockbuster season may look like. With fewer than two months left in 2010 it is not premature to look ahead to what could potentially be some great films in 2011.

The first trailer is a three and a half minute red band preview of David Gordon Green’s Your Highness. With a fantastic cast that includes James Franco, Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel, and Natalie Portman, this R-rated comedy looks very promising. I rather enjoyed the last Green/Franco/McBride collaboration Pineapple Express for its stupid clever stoner humor. This time around it seems like Franco is taking more of a backseat role to McBride and Natalie Portman, but the trailer still features some moments that made me chuckle.

Check it out below and be prepared to enter your birthdate.

Your Highness will be in theatres in the U.S. on April 8, 2011.

[Source: First Showing]

The second trailer was for the latest superhero adaptation from DC Comics The Green Lantern. Martin Campbell is in the directing chair with Ryan Reynolds as the title character and supporting cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, and Blake Lively. The trailer is chock full of CGI – some great, some not – and it looks ready to please fans of the comic books. Ryan Reynolds is a likable enough protagonist, but I’m none too excited about the film’s potential. The Green Lantern is one of the few superheroes that I have not followed at all and some of the effects in the trailer were hard to buy. For instance all of the Lantern costume is done in CGI and at first glimpse it looks a little too perfect to be realistic. It’s hard to tell on a laptop monitor what it will look like on the big screen, however, so I’ll give it a chance.

Check it out below or in High Definition at Apple Trailers.

The Green Lantern will be released in the U.S. on June 17, 2011.

[Source: Apple Trailers]

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  • Your Highness looks pretty hilarious. Green Lantern looks fun and awesome.

    Before today I would’ve told you that i’d sit these movies out. Looks i’m i’ll be seeing them afterall

  • Your Highness looks ridiculously bad. Will definitely pass on that one.

    Green Lantern.. I’m not excited about it either but the trailer looks pretty cool.

  • Your Highness could go either way. Personally I think it looks more like the path of Pineapple Express which is a good thing.

  • Andrew R.

    Your Highness looks average, Green Lantern looks pretty bad.

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