‘2012’ Crushes Competition, ‘Precious’ Cracks Top 5


Just as iconic images from the American landscape were crushed by Apocalyptic factors in the movie 2012, that film did the same to its competition at this weekend’s box office. Domestically it brought in an impressive $65 million, the largest opening of any film in the past three months. Worldwide the film made a smashing $225 million, which shows a global excitement for mindless destruction porn.

The Oscar frontrunner Precious continues to blow away the competition in per theatre average. After adding 156 theatres, the film brought in a respectable $6.09 million with an over $35,000 per theatre average. However, Precious wasn’t actually the per theatre winner of the weekend. That title goes to Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, which brought in an average of $65,000 in each of its 4 theatres.

Check out this week’s full chart with my predictions after the jump…

1) 2012 – $65 million
My Prediction: #1 with $50 million

I think the 2012 box office total would ironically contradict Joseph Shumpeter’s theory of creative destruction. The big blockbuster studio films keep making more and more money.

2) A Christmas Carol – $22.33 million
My Prediction: #2 with $18 million

I expected the overall box office total of the weekend to be more spread out, but instead there was a huge drop off after A Christmas Carol. I got the order correct for the most part, but missed out on the totals.

3) The Men Who Stare at Goats – $6.2 million
My Prediction: #3 with $8.5 million

Dropped off a bit more than expected, but unsurprisingly considering its lackluster first weekend and its mediocre reviews.

4) Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire – $6.09 million
My Prediction: N/A

How did I possibly miss this one? I guess I mentally checked out when I was making my original predictions. However, I am certainly glad that it did make it in.

5) Michael Jackson’s This Is It – $5.1 million
My Prediction: #4 with $8 million

If it weren’t for Precious catching me off guard, I would have been right on with most of my predictions this week.

6) The Fourth Kind – $4.74 million
My Prediction: #5 with $6 million

As soon as there is a weekend with more than one big release, expect movies like this to fall way down on the chart.

7) Couples Retreat – $4.25 million
My Prediction: #10 with $2.5 million

This film has shown impressive staying power, proving itself immune to negative reviews. It just shows that big name stars can trump anything else.

8) Paranormal Activity – $4.2 million
My Prediction: #7 with $3.5 million

This film broke $100 million this weekend, making its comparisons to The Blair Witch Project definitely appropriate.

9) Law Abiding Citizen – $3.93 million
My Prediction: #6 with $4.5 million

I have a feeling that the same audience that had been coming out for Law Abiding Citizen found a new distraction in 2012.

10) The Box – $3.19 million
My Prediction: N/A

I am admittedly surprised that this film managed to stay in the top 10. The main reason is that Pirate Radio bombed, coming in 11th place at the Box Office in its opening weekend.

View the full charts at Box Office Mojo.

Look for New Moon to crush the Apocalypse next weekend as it will likely beat 2012‘s opening weekend numbers.

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