25 Chilling Horror Films You May Have Never Seen

25 Chilling horror films you may have never seen … just in time for Halloween!

I am a huge horror buff, and Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays – mostly because it’s a good excuse to pop in a horror movie and scare myself silly! So if you’re feeling in the mood to snuggle under your covers with the lights off and the doors locked – here are 25 suggestions from me to you of films you may have never seen (or heard of).

*Note* These are not necessarily my favorite horror films, however they are some titles I would like to bring to your attention, and all come recommended by me. They will not be ranked – however the will be listed alphabetically.


A disturbing little film which shares many comparisons to Charles Laughton’s Night of the Hunter. How’s this for a twist on the horror genre – Postpartum depression. This short 89 minute horror show takes place on a secluded family farm. Our mother is suffering from depression after the birth of her last child, her third. The film is her giving in and having a nervous breakdown – one like you have never seen before. From start to finish there is a sense of high tension, and it’s worth seeing for the performance by Coleen Porch as mom. This one is not neccesarily for the faint of heart, or big budget horror lover. This is a quick, violent trip into the mind of a crazed lunatic.


A few days before Christmas a traveling entertainer Marc’s car breaks down on the way to a gig. Of course he is stuck on a back road in the middle of a swampy forest. He makes his way to a tiny inn to spend the night while his car is to be fixed the following day. The inn is run by the eccentric Mr. Bartel who connects with Marc, as he used to be a comedian. Of course the next day we know that “the man from town” is not coming to fix the car, and Marc is in for quite an ordeal. This horrific french film’s title actually translates to The Ordeal. And boy is this an ordeal to watch – and I mean that in a good way. Although the basic plot has been done numerous times, this flick takes many twists and turns you won’t see coming .. and probably won’t want to see coming. It’s one of a few french horror films on the list.


This 1962 horror flick was a hit in drive-in movie theatres. I can only imagine this is the best place to see this film, however it still holds up over time and packs quite a creepy punch. After a drag race gone wrong, Mary washes ashore escaping her flooded car. After this she tries to carry on with her life and is stalked by a mysterious phantom and turns up at the world’s creepiest circus. This is a cult film that actually is well made on a minuscule budget. Somehow this film has been overlooked in horror’s history, which is a true shame.


This is a horror film that holds up insanely well over time. This one doesn’t rely on effects, gore, or any last minute twists. It is just a scary film that scared me as a kid and when I re-watched it last Halloween, it scared me as an adult. George C. Scott stars as John Russell a composer who is dealing with the sudden death of his wife and son. To deal with the grief he rents an old mansion with plenty of room for him to write new music and get out his depression through his art. Little does he know, he is not alone. This mansion is shared by the ghost of a murdered young boy who has a plan for John Russell. This movie has a couple of scenes that actually make my blood go cold, it never disappoints in being truly scary.


We have all seen movies about devil children (The Omen, Orphan, Villiage of the Damned, etc), but I assure you’ve never seen one as brutally scary as The Children. This UK horror never got a proper released in the US, which is a shame because its a true thrill-ride. It’s Christmas eve and a relaxing family vacation is about to take a turn for the worse. Suddenly the children seem to snap one by one and its an all out battle as the children turn on their parents in some of the most graphically “close your eyes and peek through your fingers” ways! I also believe this film has the best tag line ever: You brought them into the world. Now … they will take you out.

CREEP (2004)

Moving from a small town to a big city, the subway system at night really creeped me out. After watching Creep, I never wanted to take a subway again. Franka Potente stars as Kate. Kate is out on the London streets heading home from a party waiting to catch the last train. It’s very late and she is seemingly alone while she waits for the midnight train, but of course she’s not. She is being followed by a co-worker who has had one to many drinks and is stalking after Kate wanting to have his way with her. When he becomes violent, Kate descends into the labyrinthine tunnels to escape …. however something much worse lies in the tunnels. This one really creeped my out. If you live in a city with a subway – watch this one at your house so you don’t have to take the train home.


Dead Birds is the story of a group of Confederate soldiers who have joined together to rob a bank. They make it out with the money and hole up inside an abandoned plantation to escape the towns police. As the night falls, and a storm brews, we learn that there are supernatural forces at play. This little known-of haunted house flick has moments of true scares and some very nice effects on a limited budget. It’s a different approach to the haunted-house genre which I also applaud. All I will say is .. don’t go in the basement!


No, it’s nowhere near as good as the original. But after the horrible Exorcist 2: The Heretic I think most audiences and critics had given up. Part III is well worth your time. If you know anyone who has seen this film, I assure you they will tell you there is one scene where you literally jump out of your own skin! It does help to see the first film for some of this film to hit home, although its not necessary. The film surrounds Kinderman (played by George C. Scott) who is a detective on the case of the Gemini Killer. The victims in this case are connected to first film, and its not a shock because the film is directed by William Peter Blatty who wrote the book that the original was based on. This is a psychological horror film, no gory shock scenes like in the first. If you make it through this one, it packs quite a punch. I actually think its one of the scarier films on this list.

FRONTIER(S) (2007)

This french horror film is NOT for the weak stomached. If you don’t like your films wallowing in gore and gruesomeness, skip this one, because it really takes it to another level. Putting all of the blood and guts aside, it’s actually quite well-made. Taking place in France during the violent post-election riots, a gang of young thieves flee Paris to hole up in a secluded inn. What they don’t know, and we find out, is that the inn is run by a family of Neo-Natzi cannibals who have their own plans. This family run inn is lead by a deranged patriarch who is a former SS officer and Natzi war criminal.  The family is trying to start a new master race and they have their sights set on the 3-month along pregnant Yasmine. This is an effective and gruesome film that certainly is not for everyone – but if you can hack it, it’s worth your while.


The Funhouse is one of my favorites of the 80’s slasher flicks. It never hit home like Halloween or Friday the 13th but it’s got just as many chill inducing moments. It all starts with a double date to the carnival for two young teenage couples. They dare one another to spend the night in the carnival’s funhouse, and of course they do it. Then they witness a brutal murder and are stalked for the rest of the picture by a crazed carny. It has all the trademarks of an 80’s slasher flick including a brave young kid, a creepy mask, and lots of inventive killings. It’s directed by Tobe Hooper, who brought us Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There’s always been something creepy about the circus and this film takes all those things and wraps them up into one movie.

GRACE (2009)

Madeline is faced with quite the dilemma, she has always wanted to be a mother more than anything, however during her pregnancy she is in a horrific traffic accident and the baby inside her has died. She makes the decision to carry the baby to turn nevertheless. In the accident she loses not only her baby but her husband as well. She continues with birth plans, which include hiring a midwife and preparing for the still birth. However, she is so determined to be a mother that something miraculous happens – the baby is born and it’s alive. The cute little girl is named Grace, and because this is a horror movie she is not your regular little girl. The film posts the question: How far would you go to have a baby? Well lets just say Madeline goes all the way! This is a creepy little Canadian horror flick featuring solid performances and a frightening story.


In the tradition of Paranormal Activity and The Blaire Witch Project, Grave Encounters brings new scares to the mockumentary horror genre. The first half plays out as a parody of those horrible “reality” shows such as Ghost Hunters where a group of “experts” travel to a haunted space and film nothing yet somehow get “REAL footage”. Well, this is what I wish would happen on one of those episodes. The “cast” of the television show Grave Encounters travel to the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital to film it’s “ghosts”. Of course they have a fake psychic and have set up potential scenes to stand-in for the things that go bump in the night. Well lets just say that this would be the last episode of this show, as the ghost-hunters come face to face with the hospitals old inhabitants. To say this movie made me scream aloud would be an understatement. Sure, it goes a bit overboard by the time its over, but there are moments of sheer terror. This one is just out on dvd, so you too can see it.


Although filmed in 2009, this film looks and acts like it was right out of the 70’s. Its brilliantly shot and wonderfully acted, you will think you’ve found a hidden gem from the grindhouse era that just saw the light of day on dvd. On the eve of the solar eclipse, poor college student Samantha takes a babysitting job. There is a huge mansion, there is a creepy family, but there is no baby. She will be watching the house and looking after the elderly grandma who lives on the top floor. As the night goes on she realizes she is part of something far more sinister than babysitting. Mixing a little bit of everything from the horror genre this is an exciting and creepy little film.

ILS (2006)

Ils (Them) is a french film in the tradition of The Strangers. A young attractive couple share a young country home, when they are terrorized by a group of hooded young thugs. Instead of a masked killer, or a spooky ghost, Ils plays much more realistic. This movie drips with suspense from its opening frames and never lets up during its short 77 minutes. It’s got solid performances and an ending that no one sees coming. I actually had to turn this one off and take a break, not because it was gross but because it was so scary.

INSIDE (2007)

Finding a photo to post for Inside was difficult. This is a BRUTAL film! Featuring a similar plot to some above, its Christmas eve – our lead is Sarah who is 9 months pregnant and will be giving birth the following morning as planned on Christmas day. She has survived a car crash which has killed her husband and doesn’t find much Christmas cheer to be had. She sets in for a night of relaxation when she is paid a visit from a mysterious woman who knows her name and knows she’s alone. What escalates from here on contains some of the scariest and most visually disturbing scenes in horror history. However, it features a perfect performance by Beatrice Dalle (who is a respected French actress not known for horror work). The final shot in this movie is one I won’t forget, and neither will you – if you can make it that far.


I will go on record and say that Lake Mungo is the finest mockumentary horror movie ever made. It’s better than Blaire Witch, it trumps Paranormal Activity. I will not go into details about this film, as the more you know the less the film will affect you. It’s filmed almost as a Unsolved Mysteries episode. The acting in this Australian film is superb. I knew this was not a documentary, but I told my boyfriend that it was one – and he believed it all the way up to the end. THIS is what scary movies should be like. I don’t think I have ever been so scared after a movie as I was after seeing Lake Mungo the first time. The story revolves around the death of Alice Palmer, who mysteriously drowned. Months after her death her family begins to see Alice again – and that’s all you get. Please, if you see any movie from this list – make it this one. It will screw you up! The US remake is already being filmed.

MARTYRS (2008)

This is the most visual disturbing and violent films on the list. Also from France, this film is not for those of you with weak stomachs. It is shocking, it is grimey, it has been banned in certain countries – and it is a well made horror film with something to say. On paper it’s a revenge tale. Fifteen years after being terrorized and abused by a sadistic family, Lucie embarks on a bloody quest for revenge as she hunts down the family who harmed her. She is joined by Anna whom she met in recovery, as both were abused. What happens is all at once brave, brilliant, sick, and sadistic. It has a lot to say about religion, and what a person can put themselves through to get closer to God. It takes a lot to make me run away from a film – it took me a couple of times to make it through Martyrs.

MAY (2002)

Director Lucky McKee found a perfect leading lady and collaborator in Angela Bettis. The two continue to work with one another (their next collaboration The Woman is about to get a theatrical release), and their collaboration began with this 2002 horror. The story is that of May, a veterinarian assistant who is in a deep state of lonliness. She’s never had a boyfriend, in fact her only friend is a doll from her childhood that she keeps locked in a glass case. She meets Adam (Jeremy Sisto), a mechanic, and suddenly becomes obsessed with him – especially his hands. She also forms a relationship with her co-worker Polly (Anna Farris). However no one can live up to her expectations for them and she sets out to create the perfect friend. May is a horrific drama, as the central character is one you love – this is all due to the Oscar worthy performance from Angela Bettis. The final shots of the film remind you that this was a horror film – and a damn good one.

REC (2007)

You may have seen Quarantine, the US remake of this film, which was pretty good. However it doesn’t hold a candle to its Spanish original. Rec is the story of a zombie breakout in an apartment building. A documentary camera crew following a fire station are dragged into the mess when they answer a distress call. This is a first-person documentary style horror – and it is first rate. There are moments of sheer unrelenting terror to be found here. Try not to scream when you see what’s in the attic. If you’ve seen the remake, go out and grab this one and see how it’s done!

SESSION 9 (2001)

Session 9 is possibly my favorite horror film. You know how each of us have things that terrify us – well all of those things that make me squirm are featured heavily in Session 9. Multiple personalities, ghosts, insanity, group hysteria, etc. We begin with an asbestos cleaning crew winning a bid to clean out an abandoned insane asylum. We end with what is one of the most sinister, terrifying, and slow-burning horror films of all time. While cleaning one of the employees begins to play tapes of patients therapy sessions, and it starts off a series of events that I’ll just let you watch and see. The acting in this film is also brilliant as we get stellar performances from Peter Mullan, David Caruso, Josh Lucas, and all involved. Watch this with the lights off .. I dare you.

SHEITAN (2006)

Here we have another french horror film which takes place at Christmastime. After a night of hard dancing and drinking at a disco, Eve invites her friends to come back to her country home to relax and spend the holiday. When they arrive they meet Joseph (Vincent Cassel) the shepard and housekeeper of the estate. Then the group of friends are introduced to the various friends of Joseph and we realize something is very wrong here. Before you can open up your Christmas presents, the shit has hit the fan and the satanic worshiping has just started. And just you wait til you meet Joseph’s wife. This is an insanely creepy film with a bravura performance from Vincent Cassel.


La Casa Muda was promoted as being based on a true story – and being shot in 1 long take. Although it seems like maybe 2 or 3, as there seems to be moments when the camera pans to blackness. However, these are just gimmicks which sadly take away from it being a solid haunted house spookfest. Laura and her father travel to a small village in Uruguay to clean and renovate a cottage which is being rented. All is well until night falls and Laura begins to hear footsteps upstairs. Her father goes to investigate and then were left in the dark wondering what is going on as all hell breaks loose. Although not a perfect film, The Silent House has moments of true terror. And if you watch, please sit through the credits as the movies best scene is after they have rolled.

SOCIETY (1989)

I assure you there is no other film on this list like Society. I assure you there is no other film MADE like Society. I don’t even know how to begin to explain this film – other than saying it scarred me for life when I first saw it. It is a statement film comparing upper and middle classes. Our lead character is Bill who is very down to earth – his family however are ritzy and mingle with all of the towns high society. Bill fears something is just not right about these snobs – and when he comes home one day and a “party” is in full swing, boy does he find out he was right. These effects were way ahead of their time, and I promise you probably won’t be able to un-see a few of them. This film also contains my favorite line of dialogue from any movie. Bill’s girlfriend asks how he likes his coffee: “Cream? Sugar? Or would you like me to pee in it?” This is said completely straight, no humor implied. Bill meagerly responds: “Cream.”


Written and directed by Roman Polanski, The Tenant is an eerie and nightmarish film. Roman stars as Trelkovsky a shy bureaucrat. He rents a new apartment in a highrise building where the previous tenant threw herself from the window. He visits the previous tenant in the hospital, where she basically sits a mummy wrapped in casts and medical tape. After she passes away Trelkovsky becomes obsessed with her and why she attempted suicide. He then is convinced that all of his odd neighbors are out to get him to attepmt suicide as well. From the imagery to the score, Polanski proved that Rosemary’s Baby and Repuslision weren’t his only foray into terror.


Many horror fans know of the original When A Stranger Calls (the 1979 version not the horrible remake) as it was the first film to employ “the call is coming from inside the house” format which has been copied various times in such films as Black Christmas and of course Scream. However it did yield a sequel which is just as scary and rarely seen. The opening of this film is perhaps my favorite 15 minutes of horror from the 90’s. The whole movie is a creepy affair as well. Both Carol Kane and Charles Durning reprise their roles from the first fillm. If you liked the first, you cannot go wrong with this. And it’s worth a watch for the first 15 minutes alone – terrifying.

So there you have it, 25 suggestions for some chills this Halloween week. As stated before, some of these aren’t my favorite horror films of all time – rather some selections I am hoping some of you have never heard of. You can’t go wrong with any of them though in my book if you’re looking for some scares this week.

I’d love to hear what you think of these films if you have seen them (or if you go out and grab a copy because of this article). Also I’d love to hear your choices!

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  • VisioningWand

    Anybody know the name of a movie where sisters film a murder at a abandond gas station and murders with a blow torch

  • susan ernst

    Hi Casey!
    Thanks for the excellent list …
    I recently broke up with my bf…and these movies have been helping me by putting my mind in another place.
    A few of them I’ve seen before…but its been a long time
    I’m about half way thru them. Some I plan on watching again.
    Clap!clap!!clap!!!…for your good taste in horror flicks!

  • Harold Hechanova

    Somebody can help me to know the title of a horror movie? A story man that who had stars on his palm and he uses his blood on the open door or window so that the evil cant penetrate… please help me with this movie title…

    • Sarah Jessica Pork-her

      Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight :p

  • Chainsaw Kitten

    Ah yes, Ils and Lake Mungo, REC and the Changeling, Session 9 – my favorites on this list. haven’t seen most of the others, but based on your taste, I guess I should. Was the Silent House an American remake?

  • L Garou

    Tetsuo:The Iron Man..
    Never saw anything like it. A masterpiece.

  • anwahs

    Most of your selections are spot on and I’ve already seen almost all except I hadn’t heard of Grace. I couldn’t tolerate the horrific acting, which I can overlook if it’s a campy romp but this is an absolute mess. Not quite sure how you managed to include this one?

  • Patty Emsee

    Hello all! Please help. Im trying to find this horror film where theres a family living inside this haunted house and every time the phone rings and someone answers “hello” the doors swing open as if a ghost or spirit just swung open the door. I think the whole concept was that saying the word “hell” would invite them in. I hope someone can tell me!

  • amanda haynes

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out, I am looking for the name of an older movie, mid 90s to early 2000s about a blonde girl with really short hair who goes to stay with a friend in a country house by a corn field with a single swing outside it…at a certain point a fat man with an ax or something breaks in and starts atracking.. as it turns out the man is actually the blonde lady and she is atracking ctually crazy.. the cover for the movie is the girl holding atracking ctually chainsaw I think… sorry, this is atracking ctually is remember.. . Any ideas? If so, please email me at ahaynes698@gmail.com

    • F Kay Vohra

      high tension

      • amanda haynes

        thank you! I have been trying to figure this out for a year now. anytime I search the description I get nothing, or the wrong movies.. also, I apologize for the terrible grammar at the end of that, I was on a phone and didn’t realize it did all that stupid stuff

  • Jason Saldivar

    i’m looking for a movie name that i saw last year but cant think of the name. maybe someone would know….its about a teen (i think), who was filmed at a party or something making out with someone and some girls sent it to everybody at school., people started calling her a whore. anyways, the movie is about a babysitter, (her) who has to babysit a house way out out there, and this is a really big house, i think its 2 or 3 kids she has to babysit , anyways, a couple of bad guys show up, and its sort of like a cat and mouse film where shes hiding here, bad guys are entering rooms, and stuff. thats all i can remember, its like a horror/thriller kinda film. , another part of the movie was that her bf shows up drunk and almost ran her over while shes running from the bad guys, and , he gets killed later in his car while she runs away…anyways hope someone knows the name….thanks

  • Y K

    Can anyone tell me a name of a movie i saw as a child cant remember it! a family move into an old wooden house. they have to drive over a rickety bridge to get there. once there i think there mum dies and becomes a zombie. one of the scenes the zombie is about to kill a boy and he throws a small book into the log fire which kills the zombie. please someone help! i think it would have been made in the 80s

  • Carden

    I really hate to be that guy, but there are some spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors that stand out from an otherwise great review, making them that much more obvious. The biggest one I can think of is your spelling of the word Nazi.

  • Ria DelGiudice

    Thank you for that wonderful list of horror flicks. This is my most favorite genre. Like I wish Halloween was every day! I can’t wait to watch the ones from this list that I haven’t seen yet.
    I’m wondering if anyone can help me remember a title to a certain horror film that I’m having trouble remembering. From what I vaguely recall the movie is about a group of friends who are in need of a ride. They are in the bed of a pickup truck and arrive at a farm. On this farm lives a psycho crazed family. There are two middle aged obese sisters and the group of friends are sleeping in the psycho family’s barn and they are suppose to leave the next day but that doesn’t happen. That’s all I got. I’m going to go get my scare on now just me and my puppy and watch Carver.

  • Natasha Fitzgerald

    Trying to find the name of a movie I watched back in the day that started off with a couple that just recently lost their baby. They took a trip on a plane with another couple and the plane malfunction and had to land. Where they landed it was a family that was all old people but the son and daughter was the killers. The daughter had a dead baby as a doll. The daughter liked one of the men whose plane malfunction and was trying to get him to like her. She got mad because he wasn’t interested and she stabbed him in the eyes with crochet needles. They tried to leave an an abandoned boat but had someone dead in it.

  • Marcel Beem

    I am looking for a movie (black and white). I saw it in the 80’s.
    Its about people walking down a sandy road and sank into the ground.
    There the were duplicated and send back to there love ones..

    Thats all I now , i was just a kid back then.

    • boocat

      Invaders from Mars? They sank into sand in the original, which was in black and white.

  • otto von Beefinhauser

    actually there is an other film like society. its called eyes wide shut. society is just more comedic, and succeeds (quite Literally) in getting the message across that kubrick intended with his film, had he not died and the original unabridged cut been released to the public. Society got away with it only because the message was presented as a ridiculous satire, and the film can easily be mistaken as a graphically grotesque metaphor for any number of specific conditions that currently exist in the world.

  • Alyssa Jane

    Help! I’m searching for a movie I watched when I was younger. About a girl that is afraid to leave her apartment after her family is murdered and the guy ends up going after her. I do remember she filmed herself sleeping at one point too.

    • Rickinator

      I have no idea how old you are.

  • mateub2

    nice list, for once

  • Tania Roussel

    Wow actually looking forward to seeing some of these that I never even heard of. Thank you.

  • Joseph R. D’amico

    Theres an old movie with Jennifer Connelly that has to do with insects but is a classic american/giallo kinda film.

    Ive seen suspiria & inferno. Havent seen Mother of Tears to complete the trilogy yet. But those are great

    Dario Argento has a few greats if u check his work out. Go on imdb and other great ones similar to his work like cat o’ nine tails & blade in the dark.

    Theres also movie about an island & a monster and i remember the woman draws the beast she see’s. Sry my memory is so bad but ive see literally every 80’s horror movie.
    Never remember the names but when i see the movies on again ill remember them. But unfortunately most never are…

    Another island movie but different a group of kids go to an island and there is this grown up mongloid child born from a rape. Which is disturbing in every sense. It doesnt glorify rape which in real life is disgusting. But for the movie i guess it was necessary for the plot.

    Others i remember off top of head worth watching if your an 80’s horror fan are THE SENTINEL, ride with the devil with fonda, the believers, one where bikers run into werewolves, hard ride to hell, Tourist trap, waxworks, Crawlspace, the fury, night visitor, blood games, an old movie with Brad Pitt that has to do with a school think its called cutting class. The heathers i guess isnt a horror but a good thriller, the burning, the howling, the dunwhich horror, and christopher lee occult movies are classics like to the devil a daughter. ahhhh so many more but im terrible off top of head.

    if u imdb again it gives u similar movies below u cans scroll thru. Imdb is great for that and im a real person and i dont get paid to promote imdb. Just a helpful tool that has been great for me in finding new movies to watch so i figured id share.

    New movie Babadook is really scary even for a 35 yr old when i saw it.
    and solstice isnt a horror but i think an underrated sci-fi type film.

    i used to have chiller which played decent-good movies randomly. But I just dont understand on why there isnt an 80’s channel that would play 80’s movies. And then after like 10pm just play horror movies. Like a USA up all night but with horror. Speaking of USA up all night -as a 10-15 yr old boy i was in love with that channel btw when they would play the riske stuff at like 2am. I feel like none of my old friends remember it lol. I guess most kids were in bed then. But i spent weekends at grandparents so i would stay up all night. But back on topic. I can never watch a great 80’s horror flick which imho was the golden era of horror films. So longing for a channel to replay some of the classics.

    • Joseph R. D’amico

      Sry to reply on my own comment, but just wanted to add that its a great list. Ive seen most of em. And will be sure to try to check out the few i have not seen yet…and sry for writing so much above. Just hard not to once ya get started cuz all i basically watch are horror films 7 outta every 10 movies lol…

  • Kelly Z

    Casey, thank you for this great list! Originally I was searching for a movie I saw when I was fairly young, back in the mid 80’s. I only remember bits and pieces, but my memory is that I was pretty scared. I haven’t been able to figure out that movie but…. your list started me on a thriller binge. From your list, there is one I saw prior to reading the list. It is the Changeling. Frequently, I have recommended this movie to anyone looking to be mentally freaked out! This movie messed with my head! This has always been in my top 5 scariest movies. I have set out to watch most of the movies on your list. So far, I watched ILS (Them), I have to say I was a bit disappointed in this movie. I expected, I don’t know, more I guess. It was decent, definitely worth a look. The end was the most chilling part for me (I won’t spoil it). I guess my opinion (as if anyone is asking for it :x ) and advice is, most certainly watch it, just don’t go into it with high expectations. Next one I watched is Lake Mungo. Sticking to your lead of not giving away anything more than the story beginning with the mysterious drowning death of Alice Palmer, this movie scared the crap out of me! This is a must see, in my opinion. I have managed to find all of the movies I want to see from this list between Amazon and Netflix, except for Creep. Amazon said it is not available to watch at this time, I will keep checking though. Today I plan to watch Martyrs and Frontier(S), and maybe Session 9. I cannot wait to see what these movies bring! Thank you for doing a great job enticing me to watch with your word choices, that is really what helps me decide which ones I want to see. Until next time…….

  • SlyDude

    maybe someone could help, i dont have much info on the movie but here goes. its an older movie about tourists that go to this town and they are told they cant be caught outside after a certain time, if they o they go missing, one of them gets caught after that said time, and becomes a slave to this monster demon thing, and everyone there is a slave.

    • Tracy Lehman Sikes

      Could this be Judgement Day from 1988?

  • moneek blakee

    Watched this old movie but can only remember children and parents moving into a house n children talking to ghost children who tried to convince them to kill themselves but we’re rescued by their parents before they hung themselves. For many yrs thought it was fright night then discovered it’s not fright night. Does anyone know this movie..very old.

  • Helen Cryan

    I don’t know if anybody can help me or not or even know what movie I’m talking about. I don’t remember the title, but I remember that there are some people on an island and they can’t go into the water because there is something yellowish in the water and it acts like acid. I remember one of the men gives another man a drink with the stuff in it and it kills him and then sets him adrift on a raft, and a tape recording of his screams can be heard

  • Suzanne

    I am searching for a frightening and unsettling movie that I think was made in the 1970’s. It starts out with a doll hanging in a dark shed or barn. It seems to be in the desert. There is a woman who has one or two daughters. The woman has told her daughters that their father left all of them years ago. A man comes to the town and falls in love with one of the daughters. The mother does not want him to be with her. The two attempt to leave the town, however, accidents keep befalling the suitor everytime they try to leave. At the end of this movie, it turns out that the mother is actually the father. The father murdered his wife years ago. It is highly disturbing upon watching him suddenly pull his wig off and talk in a gruff voice. I am now thinking I may never ever know the title of this bizarre and creepy movie. It is so strange and haunting to me and always comes back to my recall. I want to see it again and if i can’t see it, I just need to know the name of it, because, it is driving me crazy not knowing and being able to put it to rest. PLEASE, can someone help.

  • I’ve been looking for the title of this movie I saw as a kid. I think it was a 90’s movie.
    All I remember is that there were phonecalls, and there was this crackling sound on the phone. And I remember at one point there were cracks appearing in the wall.

  • Melissa Creech Ferguson

    I need help. This was a not so good 3 story movie . It centers around a house that bad things happen in. The third story was the best. About a man who kidnaps a girl that he keeps as a sex slave and makes her watch him kill any new captives. She tells a new captive she knows what day of the week it is by how she is treated..

  • Looking for the name of a movie: From what I can remember it was A made-for-TV type movie. I believe I saw in the late 70s or early 80s. from what I can remember there was a 30 something year old woman I believe she was a writer who moved into a small house on a lake. There’s an older gentleman who lives in the next house down. He visits her periodically for coffee etc. as they talk the woman has small flashbacks of being/living in this area on this lake. It turns out the older man was her husband in the 1920s. He murdered her in a previous life. He tied her body up inside an old car and pushed it into the lake. She becomes obsessed with these thoughts and swims out to find the car at the bottom of the lake. In the meantime, The older gentleman has become suspicious. As he sees her swimming out into the lake he rows out in a small boat waiting for the woman to resurface in order to kill her again.

    • boocat

      I don’t know, but I wish I did because I want to see it.

  • Anna Moore

    When I was a teenager I remember watching a movie where a group of young adults went on a school trip. The trip was at a house. One of the guys had mental powers. They were all sitting at the table in the dining room. The dude with the powers was pissed off. He looked at the guy who made him angry and started choking him from a look. One of the other students looked in the face of the pissed off dude and ended up flying across the table. At some point the water hose ended up choking somebody. Does anyone remember this movie? It was a very long time ago. I can’t find it. If memory serves me correctly, I believe the house may have been haunted.

  • Silas Knight

    I just stumbled onto this list. Given that I absolutely love every movie I’ve seen on it, I’m really looking forward to filling in the gaps.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Rickinator

    I’ve seen May, The Woman and Session 9. I’d especially recommend the first two and the third was pretty good. The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity weren’t mockumentaries. A mockumentary is a parody. These were found footage movies.

  • Sarah Cooper

    starts out with a lil boy and
    lil girl and hes leaving and he gives her a necklace
    later shes grown up and shes getting picked on in school
    and the boy returns and some how shes tricked and shut in
    a shed and a boar whatever it is tried to kill her and he saves her

  • Tokyo Suzuya

    Anyone know the movie about the air being deadly and makes people go insane? I only remember some parts like a group of people stuck in a Jeep trying to avoid breathing the outside air but there ends up being a hole in it making the guy crash the Jeep.im pretty sure there was a pool scene at the beginning where the girl slits her throat. A scene where the mother tells her kid to stay inside and don’t open the doors or anything and the child looks outside seeing something but then hides in a closet? I wanted to rewatch it again cause my grandma kept telling me to cover my eyes during the graphic scenes,,, (I know the movie isn’t the happening)

  • boocat

    One of the Ginger Snaps werewolf flics?

  • boocat

    It’s a great list you gave us! Thanks.

    Does anyone have a clue what the title of this is?

    UK horror film (from maybe the first decade of this century):

    A demon follows a man to his married friend’s apartment.

    Flaky friend calls a married buddy to ask if he can come over.

    Guy says sure; wife protests. The couple rents the downstairs of an old converted house.

    The friend is twitchy; he furtively peeks out windows. He ends up staying a couple of days because he’s afraid to go home.

    Later, the couple goes out briefly. The nervous friend hears noises upstairs and goes up to see if everything’s okay. A spacey girl answers the door and tells him everything is fine.

    Turns out nobody has lived in the upstairs flat for a long time. The guy had murdered his wife there. (She was the ghost.) They prove it to the friend by taking him upstairs to see an empty apartment. They think he’s imagining things.

    But then the demon-thing is running around outside the house.

    The flaky friend is terrified it has found him. They arm themselves for a confrontation, which doesn’t go well…

    We didn’t get to watch the end.

    Thank you for any help!

  • Camella LovingLife Bryan-Taylo

    Need help finding the name of this old movie that me and my sister use to watch. The movies use to come on in the 80’s at night after watching Fright Night. Ok, the people was in a old Asylum or building. The killer would kill them saying , no sex. No phones, no party. Depends on what they are doing in the place. That’s all I can remember of the movie so far. Please help me help me out.

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