//A 28-Year Old’s Top 200 Movies of All-Time

A 28-Year Old’s Top 200 Movies of All-Time


Longtime readers of Film Misery may have noticed an absence from me over the past couple of months. Earlier this year my wife and I welcomed our second son, Charlie (after Chaplin, of course). With two children under the age of 2, a full-time job, and a side gig coaching a high school speech team, my schedule is packed and I’ve had very little time to attend movie screenings or write anything substantial. I decided to make 2014 a sabbatical year where I can step back and re-examine what I want my involvement with Film Misery to be. In the meantime, the more than capable Lena, Hillary, and Justin have been providing content and even improving the podcast.

Even though I’m taking a step back, I didn’t want to miss the one feature that I’ve done every year since the site began in 2009 – the annual list of my personal top 200 movies of all-time. I update this list every year on July 22nd (my birthday) with a new ranking of the films, but the format of how the list is presented has remained essentially the same. This year that will change.

The 2014 list will return for the sixth time tomorrow in a completely new format. Instead of a table integrated into the Film Misery website, I will be revealing my list on Twitter. Starting tomorrow at 5:00am CST, I will post my 200th ranked film with the film title, director, and a photograph. Then every 5 minutes for the next 16 and a half hours another list entry will be posted with the number one film for the year being posted around 9:40pm CST. This was a pretty big undertaking and I’m excited to finally reveal it.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@filmmisery) and check back throughout the day tomorrow or wait until Wednesday and check out the Twitter feed to see the whole list at once.

I apologize in advance for the flood of tweets coming from me tomorrow and I thank you for reading Film Misery!


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