300! Ha-Woo, Ha-Woo, Ha-Woo!

If you regularly listen to the Film Misery Podcast then you are aware that we have been campaigning to reach 300 “Likes” on Facebook, a task that proved to be far more difficult than we had originally imagined. However, I am pleased to announce that we reached 300 today after premiering this week’s episode. I appreciate everybody who shared the page with their friends, liked our posts, or promoted it in some other way.A

As promised we will now be selecting one person to choose a film for us to review. On next week’s Podcast (being recorded Wednesday night) we will be randomly selecting from one of the “Likers” to choose the movie. If you want to be added to the list, head over the Facebook page right now and click the “Like” button. We will be drawing from all entries as of Wednesday afternoon even if it is over 300. If you would like to bolster your chances send an e-mail to podcast@filmmisery.com with your answer to this week’s Question of the Week.

Both Phil and I had fun with this little marathon so we will be continuing it on. From here on every time we add another 50 “Likes” to the page we will select somebody else to choose a movie for us to review. So keep promoting the Facebook page and soon Film Misery will be entirely run by users!

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  • Asif Khan

    finally :D

  • Ha-woo?

  • Bad reference to the movie ‘300’. Isn’t that what the soldiers chant?

  • Jose

    I don’t even remember anything from that movie.

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