4 New Trailers – From Paul Giamatti to Joe Pesci

As summer kicks into high gear the movie trailers start to roll out. This week has had more movie trailer premiers than I can keep up with, so I thought I would dedicate one post to cover them all. Vote for your favorite of the four trailers in the comments.

1) Pretty Bird

I will see any film with Paul Giamatti, even a straight-to-DVD indie. In Paul Schneider’s Pretty Bird, Giamatti stars as a rocket scientist along with Billy Crudup and Kristen Wiig. The film comes to DVD on June 29. [Source: First Showing]

2) Spoon

Sharlto Copley, the charismatic star of District 9 and the upcoming A-Team, has co-directed an upcoming psychological thriller entitled Spoon. The first teaser trailer has hit the web this week. Click the picture to view the trailer. [Source: Twitch]

3) Love Ranch

Joe Pesci dresses like Uncle Vinny, but replaces the Brooklyn snide with a Southern drawl in the upcoming Love Ranch. I can honestly say this is one of the most fascinating trailers I have seen in a long time. Helen Mirren also stars as the aging love interest of a young boxer. Love making scenes with both Pesci and Mirren are featured so if you are averse to old people sex, please avert your eyes. [Source: Film Junk]

4) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The most anticipated trailer of the week comes from Edgar Wright’s upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Michael Cera stars as the character he always plays who is forced to engage in battle with his new love’s ex-boyfriends. It looks like a fantastic an faithful comic book adaptation from one of the best up and coming directors. [Source: /Film]

My favorite from the above is probably Scott Pilgrim with Pretty Bird a close second. What do you think?

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