//5 Oscar Surprises for Tuesday Morning

5 Oscar Surprises for Tuesday Morning

The Oscar nominations are almost here. Less than 4 days away. The excitement is in the air despite the race being somewhat predictable at this time. However nominations morning always brings in a couple of surprises. Dreamgirls shut out of Best Picture and Director. Kate Winslet for The Reader as Best Actress and Michael Shannon for Revolutionary Road. Letters From Iwo Jima for Best Picture. And just last year Maggie Gyllenhaal for Best Supporting Actress. Here are five nominations I’d like to be surprised by next Tuesday. A couple of these wishes already appeared in my praise of 2010 performances.

Jacki Weaver for Best Supporting Actress
Have you seen Animal Kingdom? Rent it today if you haven’t. This one could possibly happen. Weaver received nominations for both BFCA and the Golden Globes but missed the crucial SAG nomination. There is a scenario where she could possibly bump off Mila Kunis. She is very deserving as the worst mother in the world. But does it all smiles and sweetness, which just makes the character chilly and scary. And those intense eyes, man. She did so much with them.I could not take my eyes off of her. Plus she has been a charming presence on the campaign trail, judging from the couple of interviews I read and/or saw online. It would be great if this acknowledgement happened to this Australian veteran.

Tahar Rahim for Best Actor
Not a chance for this one. A Prophet is in a foreign language film. It was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film last year. Although technically eligible because the movie was a 2010 US release. This was a whopper of a performance. Plus it’s a great role; you know sometimes it’s all about the role. Rahim shows you how a criminal mastermind is born and how he develops his powers. Powerful but quiet performance, absolutely not fussy. He doesn’t really have the “look at me” quality some actors do, but completely owns the role and character. If nominated it could open more doors for him in the US. He already won the Cesar in France.

Lisa Choledenko for Best Director
Because she directed 5 fantastic performances in The Kids Are All Right. She was the maestro behind that beautiful ensemble. Because her movie was not only warm and funny but a true contemporary American story that captured what it means to be living in America in 2010. Because her direction was not flashy, it simply served the story. And for that she deserves a trip to the Kodak as a Best Director nominee.

Alex Garland (Never Let Me Go) for Best Adapted Screenplay
I loved this movie. But I’m in a very tiny minority. Garland managed to transform a beautiful lyrical book into a cinematic marvel. He kept the spirit of the characters but enhanced them and brought them to life. And for that he should get invited to the party. I have loved his work for years. From his novels to his collaborations with Danny Boyle, come on Hollywood give this guy some attention.

And can I end up with a wished for snub? I know I know it’s not cool. But I can’t stand all this awards attention for the overrated performance of Helena Bonham Carter in The King’s Speech. I like Bonham Carter fine. In fact I loved her a decade ago in The Wings of Love, Fight Club and Howard’s End. But recently she has been just coasting working with her partner Tim Burton. She was particularly awful in Sweeney Todd, never sing again Helena. While I was happy to see her work with another director, it was really a nothing part and not a remarkable performance. Even she is surprised she’s getting all these accolades. If she gets in and Weaver or Kunis miss out I’ll be so mad.

Tell us what are the nominations you are hoping for? Or the snubs you’d like to see. And don’t forget to check out Alex’s latest predictions.