5 Stunning New Clips from Shane Acker’s ‘9’

There are two films that I am really looking forward to this month. The first is Steven Soderberghs farcical spy-movie The Informant! and the second is Shane Acker’s animated film 9. Just released today are 5 incredible new clips from the film that give me much further confidence in the movie. It seems that animated films will continue to dominate the year.

Check out these clips from Shane Acker’s (or if you prefer “Tim Burton’s”) 9. 4 more videos after the jump:

9 hits theatres on September 9, 2009.

[Source: Rotten Tomatoes]

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  • G1000

    This won’t top “Up”, but still, looks awesome.

  • I’d be surprised if any movie this year tops ‘Up’.

  • G1000

    The other “Nine” has a shot. So does “The Lovely Bones”.

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