//50 Movies to See Before the 2010 Oscars

50 Movies to See Before the 2010 Oscars

After this round of Oscar updates, Nine somehow manages to stay atop the list of 50 movies to see before the 2010 Oscars. This tells me that it’s time for a new formula as Nine is not a frontrunner in many categories anymore, but gained its points for the technical nods expected and for being an alternate in many of the major categories.

Inglourious Basterds gained the most, jumping all the way to the number 3 spot. Avatar and District 9 also gained significantly as they each climbed their way up the technical charts. The biggest losers are Bright Star, The Lovely Bones, and The Road.

I’ve posted the entire list after the jump and you can see it in more detail here. How many have you seen? Post your number in the comments.

50 Movies to See Before the 2010 Oscars

1) Nine
2) Avatar
3) Inglourious Basterds
4) Up in the Air
5) The Hurt Locker
6) Precious
7) Invictus
8) Up
9) An Education
10) A Serious Man
11) Star Trek
12) Where the Wild Things Are
13) District 9
14) The Messenger
15) Bright Star
16) A Single Man
17) The Last Station
18) Julie & Julia
19) The Fantastic Mr. Fox
20) Crazy Heart
21) The Lovely Bones
22) The Princess and the Frog
23) Broken Embraces
24) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
25) Public Enemies
26) The White Ribbon
27) The Informant!
28) The Young Victoria
29) It’s Complicated
30) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
31) (500) Days of Summer
32) Coraline
33) 2012
34) The Blind Side
35) The Road
36) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
37) Away We Go
38) Ponyo
39) The Cove
40) Food, Inc.
41) A Prophet
42) Samson and Delilah
43) Burma VJ
44) The Secret of Her Eyes
45) The Beaches of Agnes
46) Me and Orson Welles
47) In the Loop
48) Mugabe and the White African
49) Protektor
50) Everybody’s Fine

I’ve seen 25 of 50 and 10 of the top 10. How many have you seen?

View the list with point values.

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