A Note About Commenting

In the transition to the new design I have also made a few changes to the way comments are managed on the site. First of all, you may have noticed that some people no have images showing up next to their names. This works by using the website Gravatar. Once you create an account on Gravatar, your e-mail address will be permanently linked with whatever image you provide. It will then show up on Film Misery and other sites that use the service, so I encourage everybody to go there and sign up.

I have also added the ability to layer comments by replying to one another. Instead of doing the @ tag within each comment to indicate who you are talking to, you can now reply directly to each person you are addressing. Hopefully this will make things an overall easier experience. Carry on with the conversations!


  • done :)

  • Doing this as well!

  • Brandon Cooley

    Not putting the @ symbol on here anymore will feel odd.

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