‘A Single Man’ Trailer is Sleek, Sexy, and Oh So Sensual

Whatever you think about this year’s movie lineup, it has undeniably been a good year for trailers (many of the films released this year don’t live up to their trailers). Add to the list of great trailers Tom Ford’s A Single Man, which just got a re-worked trailer. It is beautifully edited with a fantastic glimpse into the film that doesn’t give too much away, underscored by a gorgeous string piece. The film is incredibly sensual and highlights some of the film’s stars.

I recently added A Single Man to the tenth spot in my Oscar predictions. However, the trailer seems less interested in selling the film’s quality and more interested in selling its stars. The quotes from critics highlight Colin Firth’s performance as the film’s lead actor and Julianne Moore as its standout supporting actress. Two of the critical quotes specifically target the Oscar chances of Firth and Moore. Overall, I think this film will shape up to be a big player at this year’s Oscar ceremony.

Check out the trailer after the jump…

[Source: Awards Daily]

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