Woody Allen once said: “If my films make one person miserable, then I’ve done my job.” Film Misery was made for the movie fan who chooses to stay home on a Friday night to watch the new Criterion release instead of have an active social life. It’s for the person who can not only quote a classic movie, but also have the commentary track nearly memorized. It’s for the person whose life is miserable because movies take up so much time. Film Misery provides movie reviews, Oscar predictions, podcast discussions, film essays, new trailers, trivia, contests, and more for those people.

Alex Carlson
Owner/Editor/Podcast Host
Alex started Film Misery in early 2009 after living the site’s title for many years. His film obsession began in high school when he and his friends would see all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees and try to make predictions. He began Oscar Addict in 2006, which was solely dedicated to Oscar coverage and converted it to the broader Film Misery several years later. Alex graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Economics. He does business development and marketing for a nonprofit that develops jobs for adults with disabilities and is the head coach of a high school speech team. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and two children.

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Justin Jagoe
Senior Editor
Born, raised, and educated in the Twin Cities, Justin has been subjecting the internet to his movie ramblings since 2009, and has been writing for Film Misery since 2011. When he isn’t wasting his hours justifying the value of Steven Spielberg’s latter-year output or slowly working his way through the great queer cinema he’s yet to see, he is finding ways to procrastinate from transforming his thoughts into words. Usually that involves creating ultra-relevant Simpsons memes or tracking down the world’s perfect gummi bear. Justin currently lives in Bucks County with his husband, Kevin, who is currently pressuring him to get a dog.

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11350123_10153480068024379_563553944_nLena Houst
Senior Editor
Lena loves movies so much that she hates most of them. Raised in a family of comic book nerds, she’s been biologically drawn to sensuous art house fare and Hollywood’s kinkiest endeavors, but repelled by any hint of false sentimentality, self-indulgent masculinity, or identity-smiting majority opinion. She compulsively wrote for her own film blog since 2009 before being graciously welcomed into the Film Misery family in 2012. She’s majoring in Film Critical Studies at Keene State College, loves the local improv troupe, and refuses to leave any potentially nasty conversation unturned. At the age of 21, who’s to say if Lena becomes a full-fledged film critic or practicing filmmaker herself? How about both? That’d be nice.

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Phil Kollar
Podcast Co-Host
Phil Kollar writes about video games for Polygon and has previously worked as an editor at Game Informer and 1UP.com. Though his work is in games, he shares a strong passion for film ever since his first film studies class in high school. When he’s not enjoying a good documentary or not-so-good superhero movie, Phil enjoys arguing with Alex on the Film Misery Podcast.

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Hilary Kissinger | Film MiseryHilary Kissinger
Hilary is a writer, performer, and director living in Brooklyn. She is the marketing coordinator for Figment Theater, studies improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and graduated from Lehigh University with a B.A. in Theatre. Films often make her miserable, because she cares, just, so much you guys. She’s also contributed to Reductress, a women’s media parody site, and WitOut.Net, Philadelphia’s comedy blog.

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G Clark Finfrock | Film MiseryG Clark Finfrock
G Clark Finfrock was born one cold snowy night in November, in a simpler time: when libraries had endless VHS copies of ancient black and white films and the nearby video store had a large foreign section and lax ID checking. He studied at NYU for a few years before bankrupting himself by always budgeting for movies and never food. He eventually graduated from The Ohio State University. When not loudly pontificating on film to anyone who happens to be nearby, G Clark can be found loudly pontificating on politics, literature, religion, or science to anyone who happens to be nearby. He also finds time for quieter things, like reading and playing with adorable puppies.

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