Announcing New Daily Trivia Contest

lostintranslationdvdIt’s time again for another edition of the Daily Trivia Contest here at Film Misery. This month the theme will be Casting Doubts and will be about the actors and actresses who turned down film roles (that they probably regretted later). Each day I will post a new trivia featuring the actor and a little bit about the role they turned down. Your task will be to name the movie.

The prize this month will be Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation on DVD. Here’s the synopsis: Bob Harris is an American film actor, far past his prime. He visits Tokyo to appear in commercials, and he meets Charlotte, the young wife of a visiting photographer. Bored and weary, Bob and Charlotte make ideal if improbable traveling companions. Charlotte is looking for “her place in life,” and Bob is tolerating a mediocre stateside marriage. Both separately and together, they live the experience of the American in Tokyo. Bob and Charlotte suffer both confusion and hilarity due to the cultural and language differences between themselves and the Japanese. As the relationship between Bob and Charlotte deepens, they come to the realization that their visits to Japan, and one another, must soon end. Or must they?

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