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Monthly Highlights: May

I was excited when it was my turn to write this column for May. The start of the summer season, lots of great movies to be jazzed about… or so I thought. Bridesmaids, definitely. Thor, not so much. Find out about which movies are most anticipated in May.

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Jane Eyre takes down Red Riding Hood

What do Jane Eyre and Red Riding Hood have in common besides being strong independent women doing it for themselves? How about they both wear iconic cloaks. They are also the heroines in mythical gothic stories. While Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale, Eyre is a literary classic, and most people would’ve read both in school, although probably at different stages. And of course the two movies were released the same weekend.

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Modern Classics – Memento

I was amazed and entertained while watching Memento. It’s a perfect fable of a movie. I felt like Nolan sat me down and said “Want to hear a good story? OK, but guess what I’ll tell it backwards and see if you can follow”. Simple as that.

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