BABY NEWS: Alex is a Dad!

As some readers might have seen on Twitter, our fearless leader Alex and his wife Katie welcomed a healthy, adorable baby boy into the world last night.

Future miserable movie fan Oscar Kenneth Carlson was born yesterday at 4:45pm CST, weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz., measuring at a length of 19.8 inches and sporting hair, as Alex puts it, “that might be ginger!” The baby, mommy and daddy are all resting quite comfortably, and are enjoying their time together as a brand-new family. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Oscar is named after one of his parents’ favorite writers, the great Oscar Wilde.

As far as the Film Misery site is concerned, expect to see an understandably lighter output from Alex for a while, as he is somehow under the delusion that being a parent comes first. The rest of the writing and podcasting staff  is committed, however, to maintaining a consistent flow of content. (we will definitely need help, so do consider applying to be a Film Misery contributor too!)

Please take the time – either by commenting below or sending a direct tweet to @filmmisery – to congratulate Alex and Katie for this amazing life change. Also, since this is a movie site above all else, I think it would be fun to take to the comments section to give Alex some friendly suggestions as to what movie ought be the first one he shows to little Oscar once he geta a little older.

With what film should Alex indoctrinate Oscar Kenneth into the Miserable world of film fandom?

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