BABY NEWS: Alex is a Dad!

As some readers might have seen on Twitter, our fearless leader Alex and his wife Katie welcomed a healthy, adorable baby boy into the world last night.

Future miserable movie fan Oscar Kenneth Carlson was born yesterday at 4:45pm CST, weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz., measuring at a length of 19.8 inches and sporting hair, as Alex puts it, “that might be ginger!” The baby, mommy and daddy are all resting quite comfortably, and are enjoying their time together as a brand-new family. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Oscar is named after one of his parents’ favorite writers, the great Oscar Wilde.

As far as the Film Misery site is concerned, expect to see an understandably lighter output from Alex for a while, as he is somehow under the delusion that being a parent comes first. The rest of the writing and podcasting staff  is committed, however, to maintaining a consistent flow of content. (we will definitely need help, so do consider applying to be a Film Misery contributor too!)

Please take the time – either by commenting below or sending a direct tweet to @filmmisery – to congratulate Alex and Katie for this amazing life change. Also, since this is a movie site above all else, I think it would be fun to take to the comments section to give Alex some friendly suggestions as to what movie ought be the first one he shows to little Oscar once he geta a little older.

With what film should Alex indoctrinate Oscar Kenneth into the Miserable world of film fandom?

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  • I think I’ve said Congrats to Alex 3 times already, but what the heck? Congrats again! You should feel free to introduce young Oscar into the film world whatever way you’d like, but my most honest suggestion can only be for Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights”. It’s absolutely hilarious, never once too dark, and absolutely heartwarming/breaking in the most honest of ways. I also love the idea of bringing a child into the film world with a black and white classic!

  • Congrats for the baby! Such a happy family portrait. Get him to watch Cinema Paradiso so he knows what it’s like growing up miserably obsessed with the cinema.

  • Congratulations once again Alex! very happy for you. Wonderful looking family indeed. I am not good at suggesting movies, specially for kids but … The Wizard of Oz maybe (or some elements might be too scary). Definitely one of Chaplin flicks or maybe Pixar/Ghibli/Disney movies.

  • Calvin

    CONGRATULATIONS! Definitely Certified Copy. May we all wish Oscar a fantastic life ahead of him; I can’t imagine better parents :)

  • Jose

    Awww, how cute, congrats!

    As for the movie suggestion, since I saw it last night and its Gene Kelly’s birthday, how about Singing in the Rain? Get that kid addicted to musicals at an early age!

    Or, maybe a film based on his namesake.

  • Congrats again, Alex!

    Movies . . . well, I see a few people have suggested Chaplin and Pixar, and I’d definitely agree with that. Would also recommend the Marx Brothers. I remember being introduced to them at a fairly young age by my father, and absolutely loving their movies. It’s never too early to see “Duck Soup”, in my opinion.

  • Congratulations! When it comes to the movies you can never go wrong with Pixar. Toy Story or A Bug’s Life would be my pick.

  • These are fabulous picks, everybody! Keep them coming! I especially love the suggestions of Chaplin and the Marx brothers. Give Oscar a taste of real comedy before Adam Sandler ruins everything.

    I’ll indulge my Spielberg fandom by suggesting either ‘E.T.’ or ‘Close Encounters.’ They’ll make him cry like a little child (his prerogative, I suppose), but I think both movies teach kids to have a sense of imagination and a belief in the extraordinary. Not bad lessons to instill in a young kid. In fact, if I ever have kids, half the reason will be to show them ‘E.T.’

    As far as classic movies are concerned, you can’t go wrong with ‘King Kong.’

    • Calvin

      Give Oscar a taste of real comedy before Adam Sandler ruins everything.
      Love it!
      Also, Oscar Wilde. Surrrrrrrre, Alex.

  • Thank you for all the very kind words! We’re back home now and mom and baby are doing great. I appreciate all of the movie suggestions and I will take many of them to heart. Technically his first movie was ‘The Truman Show’ which was on TV while we were in the hospital. I fear it might have given him an inaccurate impression of the work of Jim Carrey.

    I’ll be back to posting soon, though my output will decrease for the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget to apply to write for us!

  • Congrats Alex!

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