Beautiful Trailer for ‘Waiting for Superman’

When I’m not busting my butt for this website I’m working at my “real job” as an admissions counselor for a local college. Education has always been one of my passions and working in and out of high schools around Minnesota has given me perspective on the state of our education system. Even in the state that reportedly has some of the highest education standards in the country, I can see things falling apart. Teachers are working as hard as ever, but they are getting almost no support from the state and local governments. In a time when the student population is increasing dramatically, budgets are being slashed and teaching jobs are being cut.

Hopefully Davis Guggenheim’s newest documentary Waiting for Superman will help bring attention to the exact problems in our education system. Education is not an issue that has been ignored. In pretty much every election education reform has been one of the key issues, but like healthcare it never really gets fixed while America falls further and further behind.

Waiting for Superman looks like it has a beautiful story and despite the seeming hopelessness of the issue, the trailer feels surprisingly optimistic. Check it out below:

Waiting for Superman will be released in the U.S. in the fall of 2010. The exact release date is TBA.

[Source: Film School Rejects]


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