‘Behind the Candelabra’ Trailer Shatters It’s Own Glamor

Behind the CandelabraSteven Soderbergh made his (hopefully just temporary) adieu from the big screen in February with his typically woozy, but socially savvy pot-boiler Side Effects, but he’s not out of the filmmaking game in the slightest. The trailer for his Liberace biopic with HBO Films instantly raises the standards the network usually goes by for their film premieres, and it’s not just it’s exciting source material that’s bringing that out. You’ll recall that Phil Spector came and quickly left? No? You weren’t aware of that film at all?

Well, with Soderbergh’s usual tricks and tools in tow, the trailer for Behind the Candelabra sets up what’s certain to be an exciting, if suitably unorthodox, final outing for the director, if he’s indeed hanging up his filmmaker’s coat for good. Front and center of the film is the relationship between Michael Douglass’ famous pianist, Liberace, and Matt Damon’s gay lover to the musician, Scott Thorson. Both the actors seem to be working on all cylinders, both in devotion to their self-glamorizing characters and their strange relationship.

All the more fascinating is the set and costume design behind the film, complete with shiny surface and diamond-encrusted uniforms. Their bedazzlement makes it all the more visceral when the sets and relationships are thrown into chaos and demolition. The film’s widely rumored to get a Cannes debut before appearing on HBO on Sunday, May 26th. In the meantime, check out the trailer for yourself here.

What are your thoughts on the Behind the Candelabra trailer? Comment below!

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  • I adore Soderbergh’s work, this is going to be good. And just look at Matt Damon!!!

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