//BOX OFFICE: An Overestimated Weekend

BOX OFFICE: An Overestimated Weekend

I’m glad to see that I was not the only one who grossly overestimated on this weekend’s Box Office. However, I’m also rather pleased because I’m getting the sense that American movie-goers are seriously tiring of the 3D trend. I scanned the movie showtimes this weekend and saw that most of the major cineplexes in the area only offered Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole in 3D. That could add up to a lot of money for a modest sized family. The choice seems to be either to lower 3D ticket prices, or make fewer movies in 3D. Either way it’s a win win.

September 24-26, 2010

1) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Prediction: 2nd)
ESTIMATE: $19.0 million | PREDICTION: $22.7 million

Even though Wall Street 2 ended up at number on this weekend I think most would still categorize its take as a disappointment. Word of mouth on the film has not been very positive and reviews from both those who specialize in film and those who specialize in finance are less than flattering. I expect a quick drop off throughout the weekdays.

2) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (Prediction: 1st)
ESTIMATE: $16.34 million | PREDICTION: $30.5 million

I already commented on this being indicative of 3D’s continual downfall. Besides the fact that families do not want to pay for the high ticket price, I think I also may have been off by overestimating that the books’ popularity would automatically translate to Box Office success. After all, it’s not the people who can afford to pay for their own movie ticket that read the books.

3) The Town (Prediction: 3rd)
ESTIMATE: $16.03 million | PREDICTION: $12.9 million

With this weekend’s take Ben Affleck’s film had no problem surpassing it’s $37 million price tag. The Town actually had the highest per theatre average of the week, but because it’s in much fewer total number of screens it fell behind.

4) Easy A (Prediction: 5th)
ESTIMATE: $10.7 million | PREDICTION: $9.6 million

It actually wouldn’t surprise me if Easy A and The Town remained alongside one another throughout their respective theatrical runs. Both films have gotten strong audience response and should slowly work their way down the Box Office.

5) You Again (Prediction: 4th)
ESTIMATE: $8.3 million | PREDICTION: $12.1 million

Betty White is the Queen of supporting performances in mediocre films. It’s too bad because she would be excellent in an independent comedy or a Woody Allen film.

6) Devil (Prediction: 7th)
ESTIMATE: $6.48 million | PREDICTION: $6.5 million

Despite the fact that I was almost dead-on in predicting this movie’s Box Office total, I’m surprised that it hasn’t been dropping down the top ten faster. Apart from the fact the M. Night Shyamalan has lost almost all credibility with audiences, the movies word of mouth and reviews have not been positive.

7) Resident Evil: Afterlife (Prediction: 6th)
ESTIMATE: $4.9 million | PREDICTION: $8.4 million

I don’t get the appeal of this movie, but it wasn’t produced with people like me in mind. This movie had the largest drop-off this weekend down 51%.

8) Alpha and Omega (Prediction: 8th)
ESTIMATE: $4.7 million | PREDICTION: $3.1 million

This movie was proof that animated family films are not guaranteed hits at the Box Office. It’s total Box Office after this weekend is just barely over $15 million and I wouldn’t be surprised if it never hits $25 million. Chalk that up as a failure.

9) Takers (Prediction: 9th)
ESTIMATE: $1.65 million | PREDICTION: $2.2 million

Another movie that wasn’t made for people like me, but I guess it does something for somebody.

10) Inception (Prediction: N/A)
ESTIMATE: $1.25 million | PREDICTION: N/A

All I can say is wow. Congratulations Christopher Nolan and the cast and crew of this film for your 11th weekend in the top ten.

[Source for Estimates: Box Office Mojo | Image: OutNow!]

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