//BOX OFFICE: ‘Brave’ Wins the Weekend, While Competitors Falter

BOX OFFICE: ‘Brave’ Wins the Weekend, While Competitors Falter

'Brave' (2012) Box Office

Woody Allen had a great weekend with his film To Rome With Love opening in 5 theatres to a $76,000 per screen average. Woody’s latest film is not enjoying the same critical response that last year’s Midnight in Paris enjoyed, but it’s Box Office opening is only slightly lower. We will soon find out if Woody’s new film has the same impressive legs that Paris did and will be able to sneak into the top ten when its release expands.

Wide releases offered nothing spectacular this week, although it was a strong week for animated films. Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and John Madden’s Best Exotic Marigold Hotel fall out of the top ten, despite the former increasing its gross once again this weekend. They may find their way back on the list as wider released films begin to falter.

Box Office Estimates
June 22 – 24, 2012

1) Brave (Opening)
WEEKEND: $66.7 million | TOTAL: $66.7 million

This is the second highest opening for an animated film in 2012, with The Lorax still owning the top spot. However, the three biggest animated films of 2012 – The Lorax, Madagascar 3, and Brave – have all opened within $10 million of one another so it will be interesting to see which of them ends the year on top. This opening is very comparable to other Pixar films like Up or Cars 2. Up went on to earn almost $300 million and become a runaway hit, while Cars 2 was held short of $200 million and is the second lowest grossing movie in Pixar’s canon. I predict that Brave‘s future lies somewhere in between those two predecessors.

2) Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (3rd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $20.2 million | TOTAL: $157.6 million

This weekend’s total makes Madagascar 3 the 5th highest grossing movie of 2012 with Brave soon to be close on its heels. It will be interesting to see if Ice Age: Continental Drift, which comes out in 3 weeks, will make the race for the number one animated film in 2012 more interesting.

3) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Opening)
WEEKEND: $16.5 million | TOTAL: $16.5 million

This is the best opening ever for a president who assassinates fantastical creatures film. However, for a broad Summer movie opening this movie earned less than Fox had surely hoped. I predict a quick decline for the film as competition readily comes along to decrease is theatre count.

4) Prometheus (3rd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $10 million | TOTAL: $108.5 million

With a decline of 51.7%, Prometheus is this weekend’s biggest loser. That decline may have been the highest of the weekend, but it does not necessarily spell disaster for Ridley Scott’s ambitious science fiction effort. The film still has over $100 million in cumulative gross and will likely finish its run around $150 million. This is slightly lower than original projections, but still enough to make it one of the year’s best.

5) Rock of Ages (2nd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $8 million | TOTAL: $28.8 million

This musical had the second lowest per theatre average of any film in the top ten and only managed to finish at number 5 because it is playing in so many theatres. When it gets a lower theatre count in the coming weekends, it will probably drop out of the top ten quickly. This is disappointing, not because Rock of Ages is any good, but because these low numbers may discourage studios from giving the green light to lesser known musical adaptations.

6) Snow White and the Huntsman (4th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $8 million | TOTAL: $137.1 million

This movie earned the same amount as Rock of Ages this weekend, despite playing in fewer theatres. It has shown some pretty impressive legs with one of the smallest declines this weekend. It should be good for at least $160 million domestically and around $300 million worldwide. Not bad for an original Summer title.

7) That’s My Boy (2nd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $7.9 million | TOTAL: $28.2 million

This movie has made only $1.4 million overseas, which indicates that international audiences have less patience for Adam Sandler movies than American audiences do. Let us hope that our countrymen lose what little patience is left within the next couple of years so these movies will finally stop.

8) The Avengers (8th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $7.04 million | TOTAL: $598.3 million

In about a month from now The Dark Knight Rises will be released and we will find out if The Avengers will actually have any competition this Summer. If TDKR has a box office performance that is anything close to the smashing success of The Avengers, it will be an unprecedented year for movies. Especially considering the final Twilight film and The Hobbit are coming out in the Fall.

9) MIB 3 (5th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $5.6 million | TOTAL: $163.3 million

The fact that this movie has only made $163 million domestically on a $225 million budget seems like a pretty big disappointment until you look at the overseas total: $414 million. This might be the end of the Men in Black films, but several years from now when Sony is once again out of ideas and both Barry Sonnenfeld and Will Smith are needing a quick buck, there will probably be a fourth edition of this tired franchise.

10) Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (Opening)
WEEKEND: $3.8 million | TOTAL: $3.8 million

This film’s release might have been actually too wide for a $10 million indie comedy. It received a pretty big online and television ad campaign, which does not seem to have paid off like I am sure Focus Features hoped. It does not have far to go to earn back its budget, but it is definitely not the runaway independent hit of the Summer.

Estimates are courtesy of Box Office Mojo. Look for Brave to stay strong for a second weekend next week as it fends off newcomers Magic Mike, Ted, People Like Us, and Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection.

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