BOX OFFICE: ‘Hop’ is One of April’s Best Ever

April is not known for its blockbuster openings and so it is not a complete surprise that a silly half-animated film about the Easter bunny was able to secure the fifth highest April opening of all-time. With May coming soon it is pretty likely that this month’s openings will not have legs at the Box Office, so if they can secure a strong April opening it is all the more impressive.

Box Office Estimates
April 1-3, 2011

1) Hop (Prediction: 1st)
Earnings: $38.12 million | Prediction: $26.9 million

I did not see this movie this weekend so I can not judge those who did, but I find it kind of disappointing that a film with such a silly premise would do so well. With nicer weather around the country, families were actually able to go out in public without having to bundle all their children. It took a movie with a family-friendly bunny voiced by Arthur Brand to draw the audiences to the theatre.

2) Source Code (Prediction: 2nd)
Earnings: $15.05 million | Prediction: $20.4 million

Despite the added starpower, there was not much in this film that would capably sell it to a mainstream audience. Duncan Jones established himself with the arthouse crowd with 2009’s Moon, but they are not enough to carry the film to Box Office success. The film has positive word of mouth, so it might show some legs, but for now it is not promising for Duncan Jones.

3) Insidious (Prediction: 5th)
Earnings: $13.50 million | Prediction: $9.9 million

Insidious performed lower than Source Code in overall earnings, but it actually had a higher per theatre average by about $600. It hasn’t made enough of an impact to imply that is will be a surprise hit, but it might just hang on for long enough to sneak ahead of Source Code in the next few weeks.

4) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (Prediction: 4th)
Earnings: $10.2 million | Prediction: $13.1 million

The surge of families heading out to see Hop diminished the returns of this film in its second week. It has already earned almost $40 million domestically on a $21 million budget, so it can definitely be deemed a success.

5) Limitless (Prediction: 4th)
Earnings: $9.4 million | Prediction: $11.7 million

This has been one the surprise successes of the Spring with over $50 million in domestic earnings and three weekends in the top 5. It probably will drop off soon, but it has effectively established Bradley Cooper as a star who can sustain a film with American audiences.

6) The Lincoln Lawyer (Prediction: 7th)
Earnings: $7.05 million | Prediction: $6.8 million

With only a 34% week over week drop in earnings, this film has shown that can hang on even though its overall weekend grosses have not been significant. It has just about regained its $40 million budget and will probably do so by next weekend.

7) Sucker Punch (Prediction: 6th)
Earnings: $6.09 million | Prediction: $8.4 million

With a drop of 68.1% in its second weekend, Sucker Punch is this week’s biggest loser. This comes as no surprise as it has been critically panned and is the joke of dozens of film blogs. Word of mouth will keep its intended audience away.

8) Rango (Prediction: 8th)
Earnings: $4.56 million | Prediction: $4.7 million

This is tied with Source Code as the highest rated film in the top ten based on Rotten Tomatoes score and it has shown definite legs as it spends its 5th week in the top 10, longer than any other film. It will probably hang on for at least one more week as it approaches $120 million in cumulative gross.

9) Paul (Prediction: 9th)
Earnings: $4.34 million | Prediction: $4.1 million

This performed pretty much exactly like I expected. It will probably get knocked out of the top ten next weekend, but it should earn back its budget domestically.

10) Battle: Los Angeles (Prediction: 10th)
Earnings: $3.5 million | Prediction: $3.0 million

With $78 million earned this is the second highest grossing film in the top ten this week and it is the third most expensive. It won’t get close to $100 million, but it did not perform badly for a March release.

[Source for Box Office Estimates: Box Office Mojo]

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