BOX OFFICE: ‘Jackass’ Sets October Record

The Jackass boys have shot a jolt of adrenaline into the heart of the fall Box Office with the largest October opening weekend ever. Overall the Box Office was up a fantastic 46.9% over last weekend, which is the biggest increase since the start of the Summer Box Office in May. Looking ahead to the slate of upcoming releases it looks like we won’t see a Box Office this big again until closer to the Holidays.

Box Office Actuals
October 15-17, 2010

1) Jackass 3D (3,081 theatres)
ACTUAL: $50.353 million

Not only did Jackass 3D beat out Scary Movie 3 and Shark Tale to have the highest October weekend opening of all-time, but it also became the first October release to open higher than $50 million. I’m assuming that most people who saw the film watched it in 3D, since that was a huge part of the film’s shtick, and that increased ticket price helped boost the movie to its record breaking take.

2) RED (3,225 theatres)
ACTUAL: $21.76 million

RED opens just behind The Social Network on the list of top October openings of all-time. It was pure name power that drove the success of this film with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman alone giving the film enough juice for a strong opening. It probably will not have much staying power and I would expect a 50%+ decline next weekend.

3) The Social Network (2,868 theatres)
ACTUAL: $10.317 million

This movie has proven it has staying power with two weeks at number one and only a 33% decline in its third week. It should remain in the top 5 for at least one or two more weeks as its word of mouth is remarkably strong.

4) Secretariat (3,072 theatres)
ACTUAL: $9.319 million

It’s not altogether surprising that The Social Network and Secretariat have held on for more success than Life As We Know It, because both of those films have been playing very well with audiences. The comparisons between Secretariat and The Blind Side should end soon as their Box Office trajectory has been very different.

5) Life As We Know It (3,150 theatres)
ACTUAL: $8.955 million

My prediction is that next week this movie will be in the bottom of the top ten and the week after that it will be off completely. It has been competing with The Social Network and Secretariat for the couples demographic and with the upcoming horror releases it will probably lose even more.

6) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2,502 theatres)
ACTUAL: $4.228 million

Apparently families are only making up a small percentage of the audience for Secretariat, which implies that Legend of the Guardians is still their film of choice. In its 4th week, this movie has quietly had modest success with a cumulative gross of almost $50 million.

7) The Town (2,368 theatres)
ACTUAL: $3.977 million

This movie has been a total crowd pleaser and is the highest overall grossing movie in the top ten with just over $80 million in its 5th week. It will probably only last in the top ten for one or two more weeks, but expect it to end its run at close to $100 million.

8) My Soul to Take (2,368 theatres)
ACTUAL: $3.17 million

With a decline of 53.7% My Soul to Take is unsurprisingly this week’s biggest loser. With bad reviews and seemingly worse word of mouth, this movie will drop off quickly with the upcoming releases of Paranormal Activity 2 and Saw 3D.

9) Easy A (2,314 theatres)
ACTUAL: $2.633 million

The combination of Easy A and The Town have made a nice one-two punch at the Box Office with 5 weeks for each in the top 10. The low-budget Emma Stone comedy has grossed over $50 million proving her marketability and increasing the likelihood that offers galore will be headed her way.

10) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2,045 theatres)
ACTUAL: $2.363 million

Gordon Gekko is going to be disappointed that his film will not make back its $70 million budget. Greed is good, but earning back your investment is better.

[Source for Actuals: Box Office Mojo | Image: OutNow!]

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