//BOX OFFICE: Oscar Movies Break $100 Million

BOX OFFICE: Oscar Movies Break $100 Million

In the weekend before the Oscars, two Best Picture nominees made some pretty significant strides. Best Picture favorite The King’s Speech and Best Actress favorite Black Swan both passed the $100 million mark in domestic totals becoming the 4th and 5th Best Picture nominees to do so. Overall the Box Office totals decreased by about 3% from last weekend as many Americans head into Monday off work for President’s Day.

Box Office Estimates
February 18-20, 2011

1) Unknown (3,043 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $21.77 million

As long as Liam Neeson can mindlessly kill people on a low-budget and finish on top of the Box Office, movies like this will continue being made. It received less than impressive reviews, but the presence of Neeson and marketing it as an action movie brought in a nice audience in its opening weekend.

2) I Am Number Four (3,154 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $19.5 million

I’m a little behind on my film research, so I don’t know exactly what the appeal of this film is. Is it based on a well-known book or comic book? It doesn’t appear to have many recognizable stars and based on the production photos I’ve seen it looks pretty unremarkable. It got terrible reviews, so I’m guessing it will drop off pretty quickly in the coming weeks.

3) Gnomeo and Juliet (3,014 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $19.4 million

Impressively this film managed to have a very small drop in its second weekend and when the actuals come in tomorrow it may actually have moved up from 3rd to 2nd place. It’s the number one family movie out right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if its bringing in educated adults out of sheer curiosity (a Shakespeare update? Go on…). It could very well hold on to a top 5 spot for 3 to 4 more weeks.

4) Just Go With It (3,548 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $18.2 million

This film dropped from 1 to 4 in its second weekend and I’m secretly rooting for it to continue to fail. Adam Sandler took a giant leap forward in 2007 with the funny and smart Funny People and has followed it up by making movies that Funny People made fun of. Did he not get the joke?

5) Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (2,821 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $17 million

Wow. Apparently a lot of people were willing to pay actual money to go see this movie. There are some interesting and hard to face facts about the Big Momma’s House franchise. First, there are three films in the franchise that have earned a combined total of well over $200 million. Second, the films have included such actors as Terence Howard, Chloe Moretz, and Paul Giamatti. Third, if this film makes over $60 million there will undoubtedly be a 4th film.

6) Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (3,118 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $13.6 million

I have kind of ignored the fact that this movie was released, but apparently many Americans have not. I was even more surprised to find out that it has a 68% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If anybody has seen this movie, could you please explain the appeal, if any?

7) The King’s Speech (2,086 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $6.566 million

The Best Picture favorite continues to play very well with American audiences as it heads into its impressive 9th weekend in the top ten. After it takes home a few prizes next weekend it is likely to get yet another boost, keeping it in the top ten for at least 1 to 2 more weeks.

8) The Roommate (2,160 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $4.1 million

I was observing that I have not been out to see a new movie for a while, but looking over the top ten list it is easier to understand why. Incredibly unappealing films like this have been hanging around local megaplexes, begging to distract moviegoers from the superior Oscar nominees playing next door.

9) The Eagle (2,296 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $3.56 million

With a drop of 59% in its 2nd week, The Eagle is this week’s biggest loser. It is not very well reviewed and has not received much buzz on television or around the various social media networks. It’s not likely to stay in the top ten for another weekend.

10) No Strings Attached (1,966 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $3.12 million

In its 5th weekend in the top ten, No Strings Attached is tied with The Green Hornet for the longest movie of 2011 to remain in the top ten. As it continues to drop in theatre count, it will continue to fall down the list, but it has had a nice run nonetheless.

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