//BOX OFFICE: Oscar Potentials Hang On

BOX OFFICE: Oscar Potentials Hang On

With two days before the Oscar nominations are announced, several potential competitors for Best Picture remain strong in the weekend Box Office. The King’s Speech, True Grit, The Fighter, and Black Swan all hang on to the top ten for their 5th through 9th weeks of release. Limited releases that premiered this week include The Way Back, which limped in with a small per theatre average, and The Company Men, which put up decent numbers in its roughly 100 theatres. However, it is still the big-budget wide releases that stay on top.

Box Office Estimates
January 21-23rd, 2011

1) No Strings Attached (3,018 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $20.3 million

All of the attention surrounding Natalie Portman with the recent Awards and her pregnancy and engagement undoubtedly contributed to this film’s performance. It was able to top The Green Hornet and should have no problem hanging on for a few weeks in the top 5.

2) The Green Hornet (3,584 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $18.1 million

With a 46% drop in its 2nd week, The Green Hornet is this weekend’s biggest loser, although it did manage to hang on for more than twice the 3rd place film. The reviews are mixed, so it will probably continue a steady drop, especially as it loses 3D and IMAX screens.

3) The Dilemma (2,943 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $9.73 million

Poor reviews contributed to the film’s drop of 45%. After the Oscar nominations are announced there is likely no way that this film will stay ahead of the future nominees, but it can enjoy one more week in the top 5.

4) The King’s Speech (1,680 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $9.16 million

In a rare and impressive feat The King’s Speech has managed to remain at the same amount of gross for several straight weekends while in its 9th week of release. It’s unclear if this Box Office success will contribute at all to its Oscar chances, but it will definitely help get people talking about it.

5) True Grit (3,464 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $8 million

This brings True Grit‘s overall gross to over $138 million. That is a very impressive feat for a Western and a Coen brothers film.

6) Black Swan (2,407 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $6.2 million

For a while it was looking like it was going to be a neck and neck fight between this film and The Fighter, but in the past several weeks it looks like this one has edged ahead. It probably helped by the limited release and slow expansion that allowed for the gross to slowly increase.

7) The Fighter (2,275 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $4.52 million

Paramount has three films in the top ten this weekend and has been on a roll lately. It’s luck may continue through the Oscar race.

8) Little Fockers (2,979 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $4.39 million

It’s finally about to drop out of the top ten but not before racking up over $140 million. Let’s hope this is the last time we have to deal with the Fockers, but with success like this I somehow doubt it.

9) Yogi Bear (2,510 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $4.06 million

I’d quite forgotten that this movie was still around. It should drop out of the top ten next weekend, but it might have the legs to hang on for one more.

10) Tron Legacy (2,013 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $163.27 million

This film did rather well in its time in the top ten, although I’m not sure it earned enough money to re-ignite the franchise the way Disney was hoping.

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