BOX OFFICE PREDIX: Tom Cruise vs. Adam Sandler and Neither Stands a Chance

This weekend sees releases from two stars whose films have been greeted with diminishing returns at the Box Office over the last decade. Adam Sandler’s comedies used to be among the most anticipated of the year and now they are greeted with a mediocre sigh. Tom Cruise is the A-lister of A-listers, yet he has had more success in supporting roles than when taking the lead in recent years. The two stars will be facing off this weekend while neither actually stands a chance at winning the weekend.

Box Office Predictions
June 25-27, 2010

1) Toy Story 3 (4,028 theatres)
PREDICTION: $81.72 million

The raves for the film continue to pour in and it will be at least another week before it faces any real competition. Word of mouth has gotten out and children and adults alike will continue to head out to theatres for the second and third time to see this movie. Unless Twilight: Eclipse performs phenomenally in its first weekend, it looks like we have the champion of the summer.

2) Knight and Day (3,098 theatres)
PREDICTION: $20.55 million

Audiences have been sharp this summer, completely avoiding films that look to be terrible. The reviews for Knight and Day have been mixed, but the general sentiment seems to be that Tom Cruise no longer has the sustaining power at the Box Office that he once did. Cruise and Diaz always draw in audiences, but audiences have been getting more picky.

3) The Karate Kid (3,740 theatres)
PREDICTION: $18.91 million

In its third weekend, The Karate Kid looks to continue its strong showing at the Box Office. Last weekend it easily passed the $100 million mark and it will continue to increase on its way to a likely $200 million run. Even with Toy Story 3 competing with it for the family audience, it keeps plugging along.

4) Grown Ups (3,524 theatres)
PREDICTION: $12.43 million

There have already been several bombs this summer and I’m predicting this is the next in line to have a dismal showing at the Box Office is this ridiculous comedy. It has the star power that could bring in audiences, but overall the movie looks terrible and the reviews have been almost universally negative. Audiences have been smart enough this year and I’m trusting them to avoid this apparent piece of garbage.

5) The A-Team (3,242 theatres)
PREDICTION: $7.75 million

It’s been sticking around the number 3 spot throughout the week at the Box Office, so it will likely stay in that order with Knight and Day and Grown Ups bumping it down two spots.

6) Get Him to the Greek (2,188 theatres)
PREDICTION: $4.99 million

It was never released in that many theatres, so its slight theatrical count decline this week is not very significant. It should stay at a good spot.

7) Shrek Forever After (2,340 theatres)
PREDICTION: $3.41 million

The film hasn’t been doing too badly throughout the week, sticking around the 4 and 5 spot. Toy Story 3 has been affecting its audience somewhat and it does get a theatrical count decline, but I’m predicting one more weekend in the top 10.

8) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (1,851 theatres)
PREDICTION: $3.38 million

This week Prince of Persia became the highest grossing movie based on a video game of all-time. It barely made back its huge production budget, but it’s not quite done yet.

9) Killers (2,271 theatres)
PREDICTION: $2.24 million

I’ve been predicting that Killers would sink as soon as Knight and Day was released considering they are basically the same film except the latter has bigger stars and better reviews. This weekend will be the real test of my theory.

10) Jonah Hex (2,825 theatres)
PREDICTION: $1.89 million

One of the biggest bombs in years will barely hang on to the top ten this weekend. Next week it will fall off the face of the earth.

There are mine. What are your predictions for this week at the Box Office?

[Source for Theatre Counts: Box Office Mojo]

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