//BOX OFFICE: ‘The Possession’ Wins, No Love for ‘Oogieloves’

BOX OFFICE: ‘The Possession’ Wins, No Love for ‘Oogieloves’

The Possession Box Office (2012)

There was a record broken this weekend, but it is not the kind of record to brag about. The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure achieved the worst opening of all-time with only $207 per screen in over 2,000 theatres. It earned a pathetic $448,000 total. That is lower than Beasts of the Southern Wild, which was on almost 10 times fewer screens. I think this makes it safe to say that children under 5 should not be the target audience for any movie. Ever.

Box Office Estimates
August 31 – September 2, 2012

1) The Possession (Opening)
WEEKEND: $17.7 million | TOTAL: $17.7 million

Every Fall we see an increase in the quantity and success of horror movies and The Possession starts the season on the right foot and paves the way for upcoming releases like Paranormal Activity 4. Personally I have no interest in most mainstream horror movies, but there certainly is an audience out there that does.

2) Lawless (Opening)
WEEKEND: $9.67 million | TOTAL: $11.8 million

This is easily the highest gross for a John Hillcoat movie and much higher than I expected for the type of movie that usually doesn’t even get a wide release. The Weinstein Company has done a nice job of keeping Lawless a big part of the conversation even while the major film festivals going on are distracting from what is in theatres.

3) The Expendables 2 (3rd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $8.8 million | TOTAL: $66.2 million

There is no way that The Expendables 2 is going to catch the $103 million domestic gross of its predecessor, but there is already talks of a third film in the franchise. There was a time when many of the actors in this movie were considered gold at the Box Office, but their moments have passed. The movie’s success has largely been due to the nostalgia factor, but if they keep coming back, it is bound to wear off.

4) The Bourne Legacy (4th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $7.25 million | TOTAL: $96.25 million

Almost $100 million domestically plus $61 million overseas. It’s nowhere close to the totals of the Matt Damon/Paul Greengrass movies, but from a financial standpoint the attempt to reboot the Bourne franchise was a success. For how many more installments can they keep it up?

5) ParaNorman (3rd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $6.55 million | TOTAL: $38 million

ParaNorman has currently earned about half as much as its predecessor at Laika Studios Coraline. Coraline is certainly the better movie, but Laika is doing something so remarkably different than anybody else in animation right now, I have to hope that ParaNorman is financially successful so they can go all out on their next project.

6) The Odd Life of Timothy Green (3rd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $6.1 million | TOTAL: $35.9 million

I wonder how opening The Odd Life of Timothy Green against ParaNorman affected one another’s Box Office potential. Odd Life has currently earned less than ParaNorman, but it is declining at a less rapid rate, so they will probably swap places by next weekend and end their runs around the same total.

7) The Dark Knight Rises (7th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $5.88 million | TOTAL: $431.2 million

With this weekend’s total The Dark Knight Rises has earned over $1 billion worldwide and passed its predecessor at the worldwide Box Office. It certainly has the potential to rake in another $25 million before its run is through and make into the worldwide top ten of all-time.

8) The Campaign (4th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $5.45 million | TOTAL: $73 million

This performance is pretty typical for a Will Ferrell movie and the topical nature of this one didn’t necessarily seem to give it a boost. At least it performed better than the anti-Obama documentary.

9) 2016 Obama’s America (8th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $5.1 million | TOTAL: $18.2 million

For all of the liberals who are upset about the performance of this anti-Obama documentary, I would just like to point to the number one documentary of all-time: Michael Moore’s anti-Bush documentary Farenheit 9/11, which earned $119 million domestically and won the Palme d’Or. However, the polls for the presidential election are dangerously close, so let’s hope this movie has 0 influence on anybody.

10) Hope Springs (4th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $4.7 million | TOTAL: $52.1 million

This adult targeted comedy has not had the legs that I thought it would, but it still made a decent haul for a Summer movie that did not attract very many moviegoers under the age of 30.

Box Office estimates courtesy of Box Office Mojo. Look for The Possession to hold its spot on top next week with The Words putting up a strong fight.

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