//BOX OFFICE: ‘The Rite’ Gets it Right

BOX OFFICE: ‘The Rite’ Gets it Right

Anthony Hopkins’ recent filmography has been less than impressive, but he has still managed to have influence on the Box Office with three of his last few films opening at either number one or two – Beowulf, The Wolfman, and now The Rite. The Oscar movies also continue to perform well at the Box Office with a likely boost from the nomination announcement last week. The five Oscar films that are still in cinemas (The King’s Speech, True Grit, Black Swan, The Fighter, and 127 Hours) either increased their totals this weekend or lost by very small percentages.

Box Office Estimates
January 27-29, 2011

1) The Rite (2,985 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $15.01 million

It’s not a smashing opening for this supernatural thriller, but it’s impressive that a supernatural thriller even managed to finish on top. This will probably fall behind the Oscar movies in the coming weeks, especially when new comedies open to take the number one spot.

2) No Strings Attached (3,022 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $13.65 million

I wonder if Black Swan is helping the performance of No Strings Attached or hurting it? Or affecting it at all? Regardless it is still having a nice run as it closes in on Natalie Portman’s other film.

3) The Mechanic (2,703 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $11.5 million

I wonder if people are starting to get bored with the Jason Statham action star routine. Perhaps this will inspire him to return to his Snatch-style aloof gangster role where he fit so well.

4) The Green Hornet (3,524 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $11.5 million

With a cumulative gross that has almost reached $80 million, The Green Hornet currently has the honor of being called the highest grossing film of 2011. That will likely change when some of the highly anticipated March/April releases hit theatres, but for now it has bragging rights.

5) The King’s Speech (2,557 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $11.1 million

After leading with 12 Oscar nominations last week the Weinstein Company upped the theatre count by over 800 screen and subsequently increased the film’s weekend gross by 41%. It has been playing very well with older audience members who are known to pay attention to things like Awards season so it should continue to do well up until it likely receives Best Picture.

6) True Grit (3,120 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $7.6 million

The third highest grossing film of the Best Picture nominees, this late-season sensation has done remarkably well considering the elements that make up the whole. It is the highest grossing Coen brother movie of all-time and it has a great shot at catching Dances With Wolves to become the highest grossing Western of all-time. With the slate of movies headed this way, it should be able to hang on for at least 3 or 4 more weeks.

7) The Dilemma (2,901 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $5.48 million

I expect most films released in the next couple of weeks to follow the same trajectory as these films, starting towards the top and quickly dropping to the bottom while better reviewed films remain in the middle.

8) Black Swan (2,315 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $5.1 million

This is the Best Picture nominee that dropped the most in percentage this week, but it has still managed to become the 5th highest grossing of all the films and will likely pass The Social Network to become 4th. Fox Searchlight has been very clever in their marketing and release planning for the film, timing it for maximum earning potential.

9) The Fighter (1,914 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $4.06 million

For a while it seemed like The Fighter would overtake Black Swan to become the 5th highest grossing Best Picture nominee, but Black Swan has held on to a higher spot in the top ten for longer. If any Best Picture nominee is to drop out of the top ten next weekend it will be this one.

10) Yogi Bear (2,133 theatres)
ESTIMATE: $3.17 million

I’m amazed that this film managed to remain in the top 10 for 7 weeks among such well-reviewed films and Oscar contenders. I suppose it is one of the only family-friendly films in theatres, but still…come on.

[Source for Estimates: Box Office Mojo]

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