BOX OFFICE: ‘Think Like a Man’ Tops in U.S. While ‘Avengers’ Opens Huge Overseas

This weekend the ensemble comedy Think Like a Man fended off four new wide releases to earn a second weekend at number one, but the real news was that Joss Whedon’s The Avengers (known internationally as Avengers Assemble) scored the 9th biggest overseas opening of all time, putting it just behind 4 Harry Potter films, 2 Pirates of the Caribbean films, Spider-Man 3, and Transformers 3. This indicates that some pretty major business will be done next weekend when the film opens in the United States.

Another impressive opening that few people are talking about is Jack Black’s newest comedy from Richard Linklater Bernie opened at $30,133 per screen, giving it the second highest per theatre average of 2012, behind only The Hunger Games. The movie will be expanding its release over the next several weeks and should put up decent numbers in small markets.

Box Office Estimates
April 27 – 29, 2012

1) Think Like a Man (2nd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $18 million | TOTAL: $60.9 million

In the 13 weekends since the first weekend in February, we have seen only 8 films at the number one spot at the Box Office. It has been a particularly popular time for repeats and Think Like a Man joins Safe House, The Lorax, and The Hunger Games as the fourth film in three months to stay at number one. The film has been scoring remarkably well with audiences and will probably stay in the top ten well into Summer, but it’s reign at number one is certainly over next weekend.

2) The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Opening)
WEEKEND: $11.4 million | TOTAL: $11.4 million

This is the lowest opening from an Aardman Animation film putting it behind Chicken Run, Flushed Away, Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and Arthur Christmas. It was the only children and family friendly movie opening this weekend, so it’s failure to draw in bigger crowds is something of a surprise. However, mixed reviews and the fact that it does not have established characters could have been a factor.

3) The Lucky One (2nd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $11.33 million | TOTAL: $39.9 million

This one somehow managed to beat out The Five Year Engagement this weekend, which I am guessing is thanks in part to The Lucky One attracting a younger audience who are more likely to rush out and see films right away. I would not be surprised if The Five Year Engagement moves ahead of this film in the coming weeks

4) The Hunger Games (6th Weekend)
WEEKEND: $11.25 million | TOTAL: $372.5 million

The film dropped from 1st to 4th, but it still had the smallest percentage decline of any film in the top ten this weekend, despite slightly decreasing its theatre count. Will the film hit $400 million before its run is completely done? I think that will depend on how much the opening of The Avengers affects its business.

5) The Five-Year Engagement (Opening)
WEEKEND: $11.2 million | TOTAL: $11.2 million

The films that finished between 2nd and 5th this weekend are so very close that they could easily switch their order when the actuals come out tomorrow afternoon. The Five-Year Engagement was the film that had the highest per theatre average of the group, although I suspect this is not the kind of opening that Universal was hoping for.

6) Safe (Opening)
WEEKEND: $7.7 million | TOTAL: $7.7 million

Jason Statham is a wild card at the Box Office with his movies opening all over the place. For instance, last year’s The Mechanic brought in a decent $29 million while Crank: High Voltage only did around $13 million the year before that. They are cheap to make, though, so they almost always turn a profit and will likely continue to be made.

7) The Raven (Opening)
WEEKEND: $7.25 million | TOTAL: $7.25 million

Poor reviews and soft marketing likely prevented this film from having a decent opening. I haven’t seen the film, but it seems like they did not do a good enough job selling the literary merits of the film. It appeared to be marketed as more of an action movie than a movie about Edgar Allan Poe. That could have been what kept adults away from it.

8) Chimpanzee (2nd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $5.46 million | TOTAL: $19.15 million

This film is on about half as many screens as the other movies in the top ten, but it earned more per screen than five of the films that finished ahead of it, allowing to stay another week in the top ten. I assume that the opening of The Avengers will take Chimpanzee of some of its IMAX screens, but this movie has already been a success for Disneynature documentaries.

9) The Three Stooges (3rd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $5.4 million | TOTAL: $37.1 million

This movie is still on more screens than most other movies at the Box Office, which helps it sneak into the top ten. When it gets a theatrical count decline next weekend it is likely to lose a lot of weekend earnings.

10) The Cabin in the Woods (3rd Weekend)
WEEKEND: $4.5 million | TOTAL: $34.6 million

Despite the fact that this movie was beaten by The Three Stooges in each of its three weeks, the movies are not that far apart in total gross. I certainly hope that this film’s less than impressive performance does not prevent studios from giving Drew Goddard more directing jobs.

Estimates are courtesy of Box Office Mojo. Look for The Avengers to be the one and only story at the Box Office next weekend. How much money do you think it will make?

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