//Cannes Day 10 – Final Day Wrap Up

Cannes Day 10 – Final Day Wrap Up

It seems like the last day of competition screenings turned out to be a boring one in Cannes. The two competition films that screened got mostly negative reviews and the other film that everyone was anticipating was a disappointment. More details below.

Screenings and Reviews:

  • Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void proved not to be a destined for anything great after a lackluster showing. Rob Nelson from Variety said about the film:

Not clever enough to be truly pretentious, Noe’s tiresomely gimmicky film about a low-level Tokyo drug dealer who enjoys one long, last trip after dying proves to be the ne plus ultra of nothing much.

  • The final competition screening was Isabel Coixet’s Map of the Sounds of Tokyo. Leslie Felperpin of Variety called the film “pretty to look at but largely vacuous.”
  • One of the most anticipated films of the festival and possibly even of the whole year was Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, which screened last night and was received with mostly boos and hisses. Eric Kohn of indieWIRE said:

Marred by shoddy special effects and half-formed fantastical conceits, Gilliam’s film has the feeling of a comic fantasia desperately seeking to find its rhythm.


Other News:

  • French-Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan’s J’ai tue ma mere (I Killed Your Mother) won 3 of the 4 prizes in the Driector’s Fortnight. indeWIRE has the story.
  • Gallic Nassim Amaouche’s Goodbye Gary and Belgian Caroline Strubbe’s Lost Person’s Area took top honors at the 48th Critics’ Week at Cannes on Friday. Variety has the story.

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