Cannes Palme d’Or Awards Predictions

Cannes wraps up for good tomorrow with the final awards announcement coming sometime in the afternoon. Having not been at the festival I only have reactions from those who were there to gauge how the jury might be leaning. One thing to remember is that the Cannes jury more often than not disagrees with international critics about which film is the best. This year’s female-dominated jury will probably make some bold choices. At this point, however, nothing would be a surprise. So without further ado, here are my predictions:

Palme d’Or: The White Ribbon directed by Michael Haneke

Michael Haneke’s film seems to have the artistic chops that the Cannes jury normally falls for. Haneke is a Cannes veteran who has never had a film with the Palme before so he could be due (as if that mattered to the Cannes jury). One disadvantage is that critics loved the film and as I said earlier, the Cannes jury rarely agrees with critics. However, the fact that President of the Jury Isabelle Huppert won the Best Actress award at Cannes in 2001 for Haneke’s film The Piano Teacher will probably give him the boost he needs.

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Grand Prix: Wild Grass directed by Alain Resnais

Alain Resnais’ film was a bit overshadowed on the day it premiered because it screened the same day as the star-studded Inglourious Basterds. However, the raves were still there with Daniel Kasman from The Auteurs Notebook calling it a “masterpiece” that “has breathed life not just into the festival but into cinema itself.” This could be the dark horse for the Palme, but right now I’m sticking it with second prize.

Prix du Jury (Jury Prize): A Prophet directed by Jacques Audiard

A lot of critics have this as a favorite to win the Palme, which is exactly why I don’t. It has no doubt been the critical favorite of the festival and I don’t see any way that it will go home empty handed. With all its critical success, thr jury should find a space for it in their top three films at the festival.

Best Director: Marco Bellocchio – Vincere

The director category is often a consolation prize for films that did not get one of the above three awards. Marco Bellocchio’s Vincere and most of the acclaim came from Bellocchio’s excellent eye with Lee Marshal from Screen Daily saying “Bellocchio is good at creating atmosphere, and the first part of the film, set in an oppressive Milan, is a deft and breathless crescendo of scenes and inserts.”

Best Screenplay: Jane Campion – Bright Star

Best Actor: Andre Dussolier – Wild Grass

Best Actress: Katie Jarvis – Fish Tank

The chances are good that none of these answers will be correct, but making predictions sure is fun. Post your guesses in the comments!

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