Career Appreciation for September: Robert Altman


A new month at Film Misery means a new career to appreciate. You voted, and the month of September will focus on director Robert Altman. I am particularly excited about this month because I am completely unfamiliar with Altman’s work. The only Altman films I have seen are M.A.S.H. and A Prairie Home Companion, so I am excited to discover other titles that he has to offer.

Robert Altman is largely thought of to be one of the best filmmakers of the 1970s and he continued directing films up until his death in 2006. His films are known for being naturalistic yet with a sense of unique style to them. He was the master of the ensemble cast, multiple story lines, and overlapping dialogue. His films often had political messages that are still relevant today. He was nominated for many Academy Awards and many of his films are thought of as some of the greatest ever made.

I encourage you to explore Altman’s films with me this month and discover his unique auteurism. I will be attempting to watch all of his films and I will be reviewing the following four:

  • Short Cuts (1993)
  • M.A.S.H. (1970)
  • A Wedding (1978)
  • Images (1972)

Probably in that order. Also, look for the Robert Altman quiz to come later this week.

If you would like to review one of Altman’s film’s that is not listed above, I encourage you to e-mail me a 400+ word review and I will post it on the front page.

  • G1000

    I have only seen “A Prairie Home Companion”, and I hated it. However, he’s supposedly made some brilliant movies (“M.A.S.H”, “Nashville”, etc.). Sounds cool.

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