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1,000 Greatest Films List Gets an Update

One solace that I have as a (wannabe) film critic is that I will never run out of great movies to see. My canon of viewed classics is much slimmer than it should be and there are several certified classic U.S. and Foreign films that I have yet to see. With the innumerable number of […]

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2009 IN REVIEW: Top 10 Films

Creating an annual top ten list is really a high pressure endeavor. Many of the films listed below I have only seen once and although they made a great initial impression on me, it’s hard to know if they have lasting power. Usually I re-assess my top ten list in June/July of the following year […]

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Top 10 Fred Astaire Dance Scenes

If someone were to compile a list (and I’m sure some people have) of the greatest dance scenes in cinematic history, several additions to the list will undeniably belong to the great Fred Astaire. The man transformed how dance scenes are filmed, pioneering new methods like filming a dancer from head to toe and using […]

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Top 10 Christmas Songs in Movies

Despite being bombarded with Holiday ads, Christmas songs, and those excellent TV specials, do you find yourself still having trouble getting into that Holiday spirit? Well, get a mug of hot cocoa, turn on some Christmas lights and enjoy these videos of the top ten Christmas songs from movies. This time around I did not […]

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Top 10 Movie Santas of All-Time

There are 24 days until Christmas and I can deny my yuletide spirit no longer. I adore this time of year and I look forward to every tradition with building anticipation from the Black Friday shopping to putting up too many decorations; from the pumpkin pie to the roast beast. As I’ve grown older and […]

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