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Paul Greengrass says ‘Green Zone’ is to be Same Tone as ‘Bourne’ Movies in New Featurette

Paul Greengrass’ Bourne trilogy was a treat for action film aficionados. The brilliant technical achievement as well as the intelligent story combine to make the ultimate action film. With Greengrass and Matt Damon’s newest collaboration, Green Zone, a lot of us are hoping that they are able to re-create the magic of the Bourne films. […]

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New ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Trailer Lands

There are some directors whose style is meant for certain films. Tim Burton may not have been “meant for” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or some of his other recent projects, but Alice in Wonderland looks like its right up his alley. The new trailer premiered today featuring Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter’s […]

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Wes Anderson Acts Out ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’

Well, this might help to discredit the rumors that Wes Anderson was a detached director. In order to demonstrate exactly what he wanted his animated characters to do, Anderson filmed himself acting out their parts. I’m no expert when it comes to behind-the-scenes filmmaking, but I imagine that as far as directing goes this is […]

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‘Kick-Ass’ Gets a Trailer Premiere

The movie Kick-Ass got a lot of nerd approval at Comic-Con this year and now the film has released an official teaser trailer. It doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the film itself, but makes a lot of promises. Kick-Ass is the latest film from Guy Ritchie collaborator Matthew Vaughn whose directing credits also include […]

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