Clips from ‘A Serious Man’ Look Fantastic

My second most anticipated film of the fall had four new clips released today. The Coen Brothers’ next film A Serious Man is a comedy about a Jewish man named Larry Gopnik from Minnesota who struggles with his family life. The term “Jewish” and “Minnesota” are important in that synopsis because the film is loosely based on the Coens own childhood experiences.

The first clip, I assume is meant to be one of the scenes that sums up the tone of the film because, for one the protagonist says the title of the film. Also, it seems to portray his frustration at the apathy that the world around him presents.

More clips after the jump…

The second clip introduces Richard Kind who seems to be essentially playing his usual character. In this scene, though, it really works.

The world continues to fall apart for poor Larry Gopnik as his marital problems come to a head and his own parents ask him to move out of his house.

This last clip is a short one that sort of gives another dimension to the protagonist.

We will soon find out if the movie is as great as it seems to be when it premieres next week at the Toronto Film Festival. This is one of those movies where regardless of the reviews, it will still be high on my list of anticipated fall films.

A Serious Man is released in the U.S. on October 2nd, 2009.


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