Colin Firth’s Entertaining ‘Daily Show’ Interview

Most people seem to believe that the guest is the most boring part of shows like “The Tonight Show” or “The Daily Show.” I always say it depends entirely on the guest. For instance, last night’s “Daily Show” guest was 2010 Golden Globe nominee, and future Oscar nominee, Colin Firth. I’ve always known that Firth was eloquent and suave, but I had no idea the man was so hilarious. The interview starts a bit slowly, but in the second half Firth brings up the nude fish tank scene from A Single Man and the stories that pursue are hilarious.

“I’m floating around like some pre-Cambrian aquatic life form and there are people…I had to say I expected people to be sitting there. Most of those chairs were empty.”

He may not be a frontrunner, but I sure hope that Colin Firth’s Oscar campaign features many more interviews like this one. Check it out after the jump.

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  • Did you miss him on Conan on Monday? Talk about hysterical.(it’s online)
    You should also go to The Daily Show’s internet site and check out Mr. Firth’s past interviews with Jon Stewart. They are even better.
    2002, 2003, 2008
    Also try for his last time on The Tonight Show – Jay Leno and The Late, Late Show. The man truly has a wicked sense of humor (which his fans have known for years.)

  • PS – not the Jay Leno Show though, It was in 18 January 2006 – The tonight Show

    Late, Late Show was with Craig Kilborn dated 10 December 2003

  • That’s excellent, I shall check those out!

  • Alex,

    If you can’t find these, email me.

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