Coming in July to FM – Hitchcock, New Contest, & YOU


A new month is about to begin, which means it is time for another month of Career Appreciation. And it’s going to be a doozy. The month of July will be all about one of (if not THE) greatest directors of all time. With a filmography of over 60 feature length films, it’s going to be a lot to cover. Here’s where you come in. Film Misery would like YOUR reviews of a Hitchcock film. You can pick any of his films and write up a summary plus why the film appeals to you. Try to write over 400 words and fewer than 1000. Your reviews will be posted on the front page for viewers to comment on. Submit your reviews to Alex[at]

Beginning this Wednesday the Daily Trivia Contest will begin again with a new prize on the line. The monthly scoreboard resets so it will be anybody’s game. This month’s theme is “Nice to Meet You” where I will be posting screenshots of the first glimpse of a major character in various films. You will have to name the movie to get the point. The prize this month is The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford on DVD.

Look for all of this to begin on Wednesday, July 1st!

  • G1000

    Sorry about that. I accidentally hit the send button. That review isn’t close to finished. By the way, I like what you’re doing, spotlighting a different great filmmaker every month.

  • I’m glad that you’re reviewing “Rear Window.” It’s one of those Hitchcock movies that’s brilliant, but so difficult to describe exactly why.

  • G1000

    Well, it’s finished. It might not be quite 400 words, but it’s close. Writing a review of Hitchcock film isn’t easy, since you don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t seen it.

    By the way, does the subject of Career Appreciation Month have to be a director, or can it be an actor. If it can, may I recommend Jimmy Stewart? Between “Rear Window”, “Call Northside 777”, “The Man From Laramie” etc, he’s made enough good movies to devote 2 months to.

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