Complete List of Foreign Films Submitted for Oscar (Including Trailers)

This coming Friday, October 1 is the official deadline for a country to submit a film for consideration in the Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars. Most of the countries who submit frequently have already announced their selections and there are only a handful of countries we have not heard from (including last year’s winner Argentina). I have compiled a list of every country that has announced a submission along with links to trailers and official web sites for almost every film. Special thanks to indieWIRE and The Film Experience for helping me keep track of the countries.

If you know any of the information for countries I am missing (trailers, websites, etc.), please send me an e-mail and let me know.

Pictures and analysis of the category will follow as well as a new contest to be announced soon so stay tuned. Until then:

View the Entire List of 2011 Oscar Foreign Film Submissions

[Image: Outside the Law, OutNow!]

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  • Ron Verge

    Hey Alex,
    we are building a new media company and are interested in bloggers and film research to help change the way films are promoted and qualified.

    I found your site because my immediate need is for film lists of submitted films that did not get the promotional push needed to succeed,
    you had a list of 2011 films that were submitted and did not advance.

    Also we are building a bloggers forum for film enthusiasts which will have a rev share model

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