//Daily Trivia Contest for June – “Sweet Dreams”

Daily Trivia Contest for June – “Sweet Dreams”

First of all congratulations go out to Jose for winning the May Daily Trivia Contest. Jose correctly answered 19 of the questions from last month, enough to give him the victory. Congratulations are also due to ijrichter who distanced himself from the pack on the all-time scoreboard with a massive 115 total points!

With no time to waste, June’s Daily Trivia Contest kicks off today! This month’s topic is called “Sweet Dreams”. Every day I will post a screenshot of an actor or actress sleeping. Your task is to name the movie in which the shot appears.

The prize for this month will be announced tomorrow. Today’s screenshot is already posted, so go check it out!

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NOTE: In order to access Daily Trivia any time, mouse over the “Interactive” link above and scroll down to “Daily Trivia Contest.” Hints will be posted throughout the day on my Twitter account.


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