//December at Film Misery is Fred Astaire Month!

December at Film Misery is Fred Astaire Month!


Career appreciation gets back into gear this month after a brief hiatus (my apologies to William Wyler). Things will kick back into gear with an entire month dedicated to the illustrious career of the great Fred Astaire. This is the first Career Appreciation I have ever done for a non-filmmaker and I’m very excited.

Whenever I get the question posed to me “who is your favorite actor?” I first ask for the clarification – current or all-time? If all-time is specified then my answer is always Fred Astaire. Now I’m not going to argue that the debonair dancer was the most versatile actor of all-time, or that he did anything to revolutionize the craft of acting. However, I challenge you to pop in an Astaire-Rogers escapist masterpiece and not be filled with childlike delight. He is one of the most loved characters on and off the screen and I will never tire of watching his fast-tapping feet.

Throughout the month I will be reviewing his films and posting clips from my favorite Fred Astaire moments (and there are oh so many). Again I always encourage any user input on the subject. If you have a review to contribute, please submit it to Alex@filmmisery.com.

I will be reviewing the following films over the month of December:

  • Shall We Dance
  • Royal Wedding
  • Holiday Inn

I’m looking forward to a great month of dancing and frivolity. For now head on over to the Career Appreciation page and vote for your favorite Fred Astaire film!

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