//POLL: Which December Movie Are You Most Anticipating?

POLL: Which December Movie Are You Most Anticipating?

The Hobbit (2012) December Movies Poll

December has been upon us for nearly two months, but has yet to unleash anything particularly memorable on the movie going public. Most new releases have underperformed while the Box Office has been dominated by November hangovers. That is about to change this weekend with an onslaught of blockbusters, prestige pictures, and independent awards contenders opening continuously from this Friday through the end of the month. Be prepared to spend numerous days in a dark movie theatre doing some cinematic cramming to prepare for this year’s Oscar season.

For this week’s poll, we want you to pretend that you don’t have the ability to see everything that the month of December will have to offer. You only have time/money for ONE movie this month and so you must choose wisely. Will it be the fantasy epic? The award-winning adult drama? The war movie? The beloved musical? Or perhaps something completely different?

Vote below for the one film that you are going to see and be sure to share your reasoning in the comments!

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