DVD and Blu-Ray Weekly: Killers, MacGruber and Other Ventures

What happened to Katherine Heigl? Following her eccentric performance in Knocked Up and her notable role in Grey’s Anatomy, she was named the most desirable woman alive by AskMen. Then, she dismissed Apatow’s film as being sexist, insulted and publicly complained about Grey’s Anatomy, and made a number of weak career choices by allowing herself to be typecast in several rather generic romantic comedies; the latest of which is available this week on DVD and Blu-Ray. So, for those of you who are interested in seeing what remains of a potential talent, check out Killers.

Also available is MacGruber, which is a rather harmless adaptation of an SNL skit that actually has a personality that is entirely it’s own, which is more than I can say about most other non-animated comedies. It’s not a great film, but certainly one of passable entertainment. The two releases carry similar burdens of being thoroughly average. They both come in single disc releases with the standard (limited) special features. In the case of Killers, I could honestly not care less and I doubt the target audience will either. But with MacGruber, I feel as though they could’ve had more features to expand on the film’s origin. SNL is always a good jump start. Both releases come with the basic movie-poster cover art, that in both cases, was thoroughly average to begin with. In short, these two releases provide simple distractions from meandering lifestyles to those who are not educated enough in film to realize that there are better films to be watched.

Interestingly enough, both films actually carry with them a target audience strong enough to necessitate their existence. In the case of MacGruber, SNL provides a distinctive enough fan base, as does MacGyver, the show on which it is based. Killers is there for all the girls that blush at the thought of Ashton Kutcher shirtless. That population is clearly enough to impress Hollywood producers.

Five Dollar Find of the Week:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is the sequel to the original 1974 cult classic and is now available at Wal-Mart for five dollars. Mind you, it is probably not worth the expense outside of humoring yourself. I myself am amused by two things about this film. First, that it actually exists, and second, that Dennis Hopper is in it. How do you go from Easy Rider to this? I guess the same way you go from Knocked Up to  Killers. Katherine Heigl still has a chance to redeem herself, so long as she finds herself a Hoosiers career move.

Other Ventures:

Now to quality movie, Solitary Man is also available on DVD this week. Michael Douglas gives a great performance as a sex-addict, one that garnered early Oscar buzz. Granted, it isn’t very likely that anything will come from this buzz, the fact that it earned it at all is a testament to the performance.

Now what you have all been waiting for: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam! Unless you are highly masochistic, I would recommend avoiding this title altogether, renting Solitary Man and buying The Office season six.

  • I’m glad you saw ‘Solitary Man’. It’s a movie that seems immensely more revelatory after hearing the news of Michael Douglas’ cancer.

  • The Massacre movie – apparently inspired by a real story – sees five young Americans stumbling across a dilapidated house inhabited by a family of cannibals

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