FMP Ep. 065 – ‘The Great Gatsby’ / Baz Luhrmann Retrospective

The Great Gatsby Podcast (2013) Film Misery, Baz Luhrmann

Alex and Phil are joined by F. Scott Fitzgerald expert and Alex’s lovely wife, Katie Carlson, to discuss Baz Luhrmann’s bombastic film The Great Gatsby. Then they look back at Luhrmann’s entire career and discuss what makes his films work and why some of them don’t. Can you guess which film both Alex and Phil adore? Or the Luhrmann film they have drastically different opinions on? Listen now and find out!

Show Schedule:

  • 00:32 – 02:18 – Introduction
  • 02:18 – 20:24 – Review of The Great Gatsby
  • 21:18 – 28:35 – Intermission and Question of the Week
  • 29:29 – 53:31 – Retrospective of Baz Luhrmann’s Films
  • 54:11 – 58:54 – Recommendations and Contact Information


  • Music for Episode 65 was provided by B.B. King.
  • Tracks included “Lucille” and “Tomorrow Night.”

Show Notes:

  • Follow our guest Katie Carlson on Twitter @emcee_grammar.
  • Listen to our Top 5 Movie Musicals podcast here.
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Question of the Week:

  • Take a Side: Star Wars or Star Trek?
  • Vote in the poll to the right and share your comments below!

Next Episode:

  • Next week we will be reviewing the new film Star Trek Into Darkness.
  • We will also be reviewing the avante garde independent film Upstream Color.

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  • Gee, let’s see……

    Would I rather see Luke Skywalker dispatch a Wampa Ice Monster with his Jedi lightsaber, or watch – ahem – Captain Kirk fight Gorn with a papier mache rocks?

    The answer, for me at least, is quite clear.

  • Not a big fan of either …. but “A New Hope” is one of my all time favorite movies so yeah I’ll choose Star Wars.

    Excited for the next episode, Upstream Color is brilliant.

  • Jose

    I normally wouldn’t care about either but I’m going with Star Trek since it had a bigger impact on my childhood.

    Star Trek gave me The Next Generation, which along with Quantum Leap, was my introduction to sci-fi television when I was young. Plus, the last two films have been pretty good. Star Wars really didn’t grab my attention then.

  • I took my mom to see ‘Gatsby’ last weekend, without her having read the book, and I suppose that lens of naivety fed into my positive reaction to the film. It’s admittedly the best film to be a beautiful little fool for, sinking your heart at the end while still inspiring that impossible sense of hope. Guess I’m in the minority on this one.

    RE ‘Trek’ vs. ‘Wars’: You want me to choose? I don’t know which I detest less. The incoherent storytelling and Abrams imposed optical assault of ‘Star Trek’, or the dull, oversimplified, and visually uninspiring purposefulness of ‘Star Wars’. I’ll go with ‘Trek’, since Cumberbatch’s performance is the most exciting thing in either franchise, though that’s still not saying much.

  • Star Wars for me, but only because I didn’t have my introduction to Star Trek until the first Abrams’ movie. I plan to watch The Next Generation at some point so my opinion might change.

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