Festival News & Reviews : “Somewhere” at Venice and news from Telluride

Another day, another highly anticipated movie premieres. Today it is Sofia Coppola’s 4th feature “Somewhere”. The trailer showed us that it could have echoes of “Lost in Translation”, and while it seems that is correct, lots of praise is coming its way. Guy Lodge of InContention.com calls it “wry, shimmery and thoroughly beguiling”. He continues:

“For her part, Coppola has shifted (if not necessarily upped) her game too: always languid, her filmmaking has never before been this patient, lingering long past the obvious cutting point in observational scenes in a manner that will bewitch some and enervate others”.

He also has lots of praise for both Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning:

“Both actors are a delight: it’s higher praise than some might think to declare this Dorff’s finest hour, but it’s nonetheless a watershed performance that reflects on his established screen persona while adding softer accents. Fanning, meanwhile, is a quietly rewarding screen presence, perceptive rather than precocious, and possessed of one of the most deliciously subtle death-glares in the business”.

Anne Thompson calls it ” Witty, spare and gorgeously framed”. She also has praise for both leads:

Significantly, we feel for this guy, who could be utterly obnoxious, but is in a lot of pain. He’s a recent movie star, still adjusting, and Dorff admits to understanding his isolation away from a movie set. This is the role Dorff has been waiting for; it’s a real breakthrough for both him and Fanning.

However Hollywood Elsewhere is reporting an across the pond review from the Evening Standard which is more measured. Calling it “quiet and restrained” with “no big dramatic moments”. Sounds to me completely in the vein of “Lost in Translation”.

Awards Daily is quoting another British review, from the Guardian. This one says “Somewhere is a movie which just floats through its running time without any sort of crisis”.

From these reviews, it sounds to me that it is completely in the vein of “Lost in Translation”.We’ll post more reviews as they become available.

In another festival news, Deadline is reporting that Newmarket has acquired Peter Weir’s latest “The Way Back” which will screen at the Telluride Film Festival this week. What is surprising is that the movie will be released in January of next year but it is not clear whether it will have an awards qualifying run in December. Also screening at the festival are other awards hopefuls: 127 Hours from Danny Boyle, Never Let Me Go starring former nominees Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley and The King’s Speech which marks a return to awards season for Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.

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  • Davin

    I’m indifferent on ‘Somewhere,’ Never Let Me Go is the big player here, I also am interested in ‘The Way Back’s reaction.

  • Andrew R.

    Somewhere looked so much like Lost in Translation that it was a bit of a turn off.

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