//The Film Misery Podcast Returns!

The Film Misery Podcast Returns!

After a long hiatus (actually, it’s more of a backlog from a lazy editor than a hiatus proper), the Film Misery Podcast will be returning to your feeds starting today!

Unfortunately, the size of our backlog is… sizable. Like, a little over twenty episodes.

In order not to overwhelm you, the plan is to post one episode from our backlog a day, until we get back to our regular schedule. Obviously, we don’t expect you to listen to every minute of content (though we’d love you if you did!), but in order to mitigate things, I have tried to segment out each episode as carefully as possible. That way you get a quick overview of the content on each episode and you can focus on segments that sound most interesting to you.

I will also indicate the original record date atop each backlogged episode, so you have an idea of how close we are to the end of the backlog.

Once we’re caught up, I promise to be better about posting immediately, and regularly. Thanks as always for listening!

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