Film Misery Temporary Technical Issues

If you’re wondering why the activity has been almost dead here at Film Misery during one of the most important movie weeks of the year, it is not by full intention. As of this past Monday the Film Misery server has been compromised by hackers and used as a Phishing Scam. E-mails claiming to be from a bank or financial institution have been sent out, linking unsuspecting people to a hacked page on this site where they are tricked into entering in their account information. That information is then sent to a third party who is not affiliated in any way with this website or its contents.

If you are somebody who has been directed to this website from an e-mail claiming to be a financial institution, DO NOT enter your information. Film Misery will never ask for personal information for any reason.

Because of this scam, it has been reported that several internet service providers now consider Film Misery a “non-safe” website and have blocked it. I hope to have all of these problems completely fixed as soon as possible.

Due to these issues I have been keeping the posts to a minimum until the problem is sorted out, which is likely not going to be until the end of the weekend. Until then it is 100% safe for you to continue posting comments and for you to continue sending me e-mails with your Oscar/film-related questions and concerns. Thank you for your patience and I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!


  • Jose

    That explains why I can’t acces the site at my school. Hope the problem is fixed soon!

  • Sorry about that. I’m honestly not sure what’s so important about this week. The “Oscar” nominations were somewhat lame (“The Blind Side” for Best Picture!?).

  • Anessa

    I was wondering what was going on, because for some reason, I couldn’t access the site on my computer but could with my phone. Glad to here its being sort out.

  • @G1000

    ‘The Blind Side’ getting nominated for Best Picture was the WTF heard around the world.

  • Jose

    Hey Alex, where’s your story on The Razzies? I don’t know about you, but this year they’re more intense than the Oscars! I mean Transformers 2 vs. G.I. Joe, who will win?!?

  • True.

  • Andr913

    @Alex Carlson

    And I can see why. I can live with Best Actress, but Best Picture…ugh.

  • Jose

    Apperently, Dear John dethroned Avatar yesterday with $13 million while Avatar was No. 2 with $6 million. What a travesty.

  • Joe

    Man, I hate hackers, these guys have nothing better to do? Sorry to hear about this, and at such a bad time too.

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