First Two Clips of Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, and Dianne Wiest in ‘Rabbit Hole’

One of the hottest films that entered the Toronto International Film Festival without a distributor was John Cameron Mitchell’s Rabbit Hole. The film stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as a couple who are facing the loss of their 4-year old son and how it influences every aspect of their lives. After its premiere in Toronto this week it was greeted with high praise from critics, Lionsgate Film has acquired the film for U.S. distribution with plans for a possible Oscar run.

The first preview of the film has appeared in the form of two brief scenes from the movie. The first takes place a bowling alley where the couples’ attempt to escape their tragic memory and go bowling for a friend’s party is thwarted by the woman’s mother who won’t let the subject rest for a single night. The second clip shows the couple meeting with another couple who lost a child and has been attending support group for 8 years while recovering. Both scenes exhibit some phenomenal acting from Nicold Kidman and the first clip has some excellent back and forth between her and Dianne Wiest. Much like the reviews implied, Eckhart does seem to be little more than a background character in these two segments.

The large quantity of dialogue is not unexpected because the movie is an adaptation of a play, which seems to have translated to film remarkably well. There is an ominous feeling of sadness that lingers over the characters and seems to weigh down each frame with a sense of dread and dismay. Suffice to say this is not going to be the feel-good film of the year.

Take a look at the clips below and let me know your thoughts!

[Source: Thompson on Hollywood]

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  • Jake G.

    This looks like a best picture contender!

  • Quinn

    This looks fantastic and Nicole Kidman seems like a big contender for Best Actress. The first clip was excellent.

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