//Five St. Patrick’s Day Movies

Five St. Patrick’s Day Movies

Happy St. Patty’s Day, everyone. In honor of the day of Ireland’s patron saint, I’ve created a list of films that are either Irish or St. Patrick’s day related. Keep in mind, this is certainly not a top five, just five that I enjoy and make me think of March 17th.

The Departed – Not set in Ireland, but a great analysis of the Irish in America. My top movie of 2006, this mob thriller is Irish at its heart, despite its very Italian director.

Once – One of the best all-Irish films of all time with Irish director, producers, and most of the stars (besides of course Marketa Iglova). The music is infectious and it makes you want to hop on a plane and experience Dublin for yourself.

The Fugitive – You’re probably wondering why this is even on the list. Well, much of the film takes place on St. Patrick’s Day and there is that scene where he hides from his pursuers by blending into the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Plus, it’s just a mighty fine film.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley – Probably the most “Irish” of the films on this list, this delightful film chronicles a great story from real Irish history. Excellent performances and it really nails the “folksy” feel of the Irish countryside.

The Quiet Man – Classic John Ford film set in Ireland with John Wayne, ditching his southern twang for Irish brogue. It’s an excellent character study about a boxer who is past his prime and his attempt to escape himself in the Irish countryside.

Happy drinking!

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