//FMP Ep. 005 – ‘Thor’

FMP Ep. 005 – ‘Thor’

Phil Kollar conducts a fantastic interview with Ashley Miller, one of the screenwriters of Thor, in the latest edition of the Film Misery podcast. Hopefully this interview will be the first of many that we conduct with individuals working in the movie industry. The interview is preceded by our review of the movie Thor and a discussion about how expectations affect a film-going experience.

Show Schedule:

  • 0:34 – 3:00 – Introduction
  • 3:00 – 26:24 – Review of Thor
  • 27:37 – 36:54 – Listener Feedback/How Expectations Affect Movies
  • 38:02 – 1:06:16 – Phil’s Interview with Thor Screenwriter Ashley Miller
  • 1:07:30 – 1:08:24 – Cotact Information and Next Week Preview


  • Music for Episode 005 was provided by Brenna Vick of The Sweets.
  • Tracks included “Come Back (To See Me),” “You’re My Number One,” “Short Life,” and “Kiss You”
  • See The Sweets at the Medina Music Festival in Tennessee on May 21.

Show Notes:

  • Ashley Miller can be found on Twitter @ashman01

Question of the Episode:

  • How do expectations of a super hero movie affect your viewing experience?

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